slur over

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slur over (something)

1. To say certain words with unclear, indistinct, or unintelligible pronunciation. I wasn't sure of the correct way to pronounce some of the more complicated chemical compounds, so I just slurred over their names during my presentation. When pressed for clarification by the reporter, the senator slurred over most of her response before declaring that she was late for a meeting.
2. To discuss, treat, approach, or deal with something in a very superficial, careless, or evasive manner. The government has been slurring over this issue for years, but the time has finally come for us to do something about it! Tom always slurs over any problems he has at home.
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slur over something

1. Lit. to avoid saying difficult or crucial words by mumbling them; to speak over words unclearly. The speaker slurred over so many words that we didn't know what she was saying. Unfortunately, Ted slurred over many of the important parts of his speech.
2. Fig. to avoid talking about or mentioning an issue. The mayor slurred over the major issue of the day. she slurred over the major problems.
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