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slur over something

1. Lit. to avoid saying difficult or crucial words by mumbling them; to speak over words unclearly. The speaker slurred over so many words that we didn't know what she was saying. Unfortunately, Ted slurred over many of the important parts of his speech.
2. Fig. to avoid talking about or mentioning an issue. The mayor slurred over the major issue of the day. she slurred over the major problems.
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Snitzler's updated and revised version of Segovia's Slur Exercises,
However, Ice Cube also thinks the paparazzo should be blamed for why Jonah Hill had to use the gay slur.
Now that saying something mean gets you in more trouble than doing something mean, I recommend we fashion future slur rehab technology on The Sarah Silverman Program.
A simple example is the omission of the slur found in m.
While waiting, Zelda Williams overheard then-Associate Vice President Mike Meyer use a racial slur to refer to her.
This is a foul slur on a reputation nurtured over many years with the assistance of countless bottles of gin.
Police executives understand that ethnic slurs, racial epithets, sexist insults, and other expressions of bigotry are morally indefensible and have no rightful place in public service.
That this sobriquet is a racial slur does not diminish Snyder's right to use it.
22 Jumpstreet" movie director Christopher Miller thinks "it's disappointing" to hear Jonah Hill use the gay slur and also finds it ironic that one scene in "22 Jumpstreet" talks about why any gay slur shouldn't be used.
All three players said sorry via a club statement but boss Alex McLeish said: "It's a slur on the club.
Alan Leighton, secretary of the referees' trade union Prospect, said: "We want this slur against Martin's character, and referees as a whole, withdrawn.
Lundgren, a former coach of Roger Federer and Marat Safin, was reported to slur his words while speaking in front of fellow coaches at the LTA's headquarters in Roehampton last weekend.
George O'Malley on the hit ABC show, issued a statement confirming that he is a gay man following tabloid reports about the slur surfaced.
To claim that it took 30 minutes for the emergency services to get there is an outrageous slur.
This can be a great way to help develop understanding of notes with staccato dots and tenuto marks, staccato notes under a slur and so on.