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slur over (something)

1. To say certain words with unclear, indistinct, or unintelligible pronunciation. I wasn't sure of the correct way to pronounce some of the more complicated chemical compounds, so I just slurred over their names during my presentation. When pressed for clarification by the reporter, the senator slurred over most of her response before declaring that she was late for a meeting.
2. To discuss, treat, approach, or deal with something in a very superficial, careless, or evasive manner. The government has been slurring over this issue for years, but the time has finally come for us to do something about it! Tom always slurs over any problems he has at home.
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slur over something

1. Lit. to avoid saying difficult or crucial words by mumbling them; to speak over words unclearly. The speaker slurred over so many words that we didn't know what she was saying. Unfortunately, Ted slurred over many of the important parts of his speech.
2. Fig. to avoid talking about or mentioning an issue. The mayor slurred over the major issue of the day. she slurred over the major problems.
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This discourse pertains to some of the political slurs that have been commonly used in the USA and Britain and have become part of the political dictionary.
As noted above, college campuses have been the scenes of numerous incidents resulting from the use of slurs. In spring 2015, a group of University of Oklahoma fraternity members on their way to a spring formal launched into a song that contained racist slurs.
Snitzler's updated and revised version of Segovia's Slur Exercises,
It could be pointed out that even when a slur is not used--for example, when it is merely mentioned--it turns out as derogatory (Anderson and Lepore 2013a, b).
Now that saying something mean gets you in more trouble than doing something mean, I recommend we fashion future slur rehab technology on The Sarah Silverman Program.
Audience members at the conservative gathering initially appeared startled, but then many of them laughed and applauded Coulter's slur.
One of the problems with the slur of anti-Semitism is that it ignores the vast gulf between those who raise legitimate moral objections to Israeli actions and actual anti-Semites, either of the house-and-garden variety or those who want to destroy Israel and all Jews.
A simple example is the omission of the slur found in m.
The decision of the far right British National Party to have a candidate in the Colne Valley casts a "slur" on the whole area, an MP claims.
LAS VEGAS -- The wife of a state assemblyman has filed a federal lawsuit against the Community College of Southern Nevada, its president and a former vice president who allegedly used a racial slur to refer to her.
R I Sims defends trainer Nigel Twiston-Davies against the latest slur on his character
A correspondence between Brahms and Joachim in 1879 provides a starting point for considering the problem of what composers meant when they used dots or strokes under slurs. During work on Brahms's Violin Concerto, Joachim marked some bowings with dots under a slur.
ANNAPOLIS A Harford County Democrat delegate has been stripped of her leadership position after she used a racial slur.
The chief meteorologist at a local news network in Rochester, New York, was fired Sunday after using a racial slur on-air in reference to Martin Luther King Jr.
Slur if you can, otherwise light tongue articulation.