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slink around

to creep or slither around furtively. The cat slunk around, waiting for a chance to get at the bird. Don't slink around like that. Someone is likely to take you for a robber.
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slink away

to creep or slither away furtively. The fox slunk away, leaving the henhouse as quietly as such a thing is possible. I hope that the skunk will slink away as quietly as it came.
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slink in(to something)

to creep into something. The cat slunk into the hallway and lay down in the middle of the floor. I left the door ajar and a cat slunk in.
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slink off

to creep away furtively. Carl was embarrassed and tried to slink off, but the ushers spotted him. The boys slunk off from the picnic and smoked some cigarettes.
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slink out (of some place)

to creep out of some place furtively. The fox slunk out of the henhouse just as the farmer came out. It slunk out and got away.
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slink away

Also, slink off. Depart furtively, as in The shoplifter slipped an item into his coat pocket and slunk away, or After that severe scolding, she slunk off. This term employs slink in the sense of "move stealthily," a usage dating from the late 1300s.
See also: away, slink
References in classic literature ?
Sheeta gave a low growl and slunk into the blackness of a far corner.
Tarzan and the panther heard the approaching footsteps of many men, and then, to Tarzan's surprise, the great cat rose from across the body of its kill, and slunk noiselessly from the hut through the aperture through which it had entered.
Slowly and fearfully they regained their feet, and seeing that no attention was being paid them, cast a parting, terrified look at the mighty creature who had defeated them with his bare hands, and slunk quickly out into the darkness of the campong.
Cowed by this behaviour, Horrocks gave up the keys, and he and his daughter slunk off silently through the night and gave up possession of the house of Queen's Crawley.
ON the day when a charlatan slunk home after shamefully trying to use World War II for his own ends, it was important to salute the heroism of our armed forces.
Summary: DUBAI - Dubai Financial Market reported a 93 per cent drop in fourth-quarter net profit on Monday as trading volumes slunk to a six-year low in 2010.
And the girls slunk back to their hotel as they realised they were going to miss out on No1 to Flo-Rida's Club Can't Handle Me.
But the unkindest comment of all those came from a friend of mine who slunk over to mine last Saturday night to watch the ex-EastEnder strutting her not inconsiderable stuff after his own goggle box had blown a gasket.
Now Gordon Brown has added another stain by signing the Treaty of London, even though he slunk in very late after leaving David Miliband to carry out the initial dirty work.
I slunk into a pew next to my good friend, a mom attending Mass child-free because her youngest was in third grade.
I AM appalled that the Conway Sisters have not slunk back to Sligo with their tails between their legs.
In fact, she's been playing a character ever since she slunk across the stage on the arm of Sonny Bono in the 1960s.
it was down a swimming-pool ladder at the edge of the stage that humiliated Hippolytus slunk in pain.
Harmer, Alexandra Holmes, and Lisa Mercer) draped themselves over a stone ledge, then slunk and rolled into languid poses.
Having slumbered the whole way it was a frustrated and bleary-eyed deputy PM who slunk down the platform to his waiting auto.