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slump down

[for someone] to collapse and fall down; [for someone] to crumple. The shot hit Max and he slumped down. Suddenly, Mr. Wilson slumped down in pain.
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slump down in(to) something

[for someone] to bend down or collapse into something, such as a chair or bed. Gary grabbed at his chest and slumped down into the bed. He slumped down into the chair and draped himself over the arm.
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slump over

[for someone] to collapse and fall over forward in a sitting position. Just after the gunshot, Bruno slumped over and slid from his chair.
See also: over, slump
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Continued inability to sell could lead to what is called a decrease in production performance occurring over time, aka a "sales slump.
On 18th April 2012 ~195621m2 rotational slump and debris-flow occurred at Gharbina village Bulbulaq (Fig.
Participants completed the CDS-II and answered the question "How often in the past have you experienced unexplained slumps in your sporting performance?
You just fight," said Washington Nationals executive Bob Boone, an ex-major league catcher helping nurse his two sons, Bret and Aaron, through slumps.
Many think that the tremendous slump in economic integration that began in 1913, and which wasn't overcome until about 1975, demonstrates that technology overrides politics.
Another points to slowed growth in primary markets: "The marine industry, for one, continues to be in a slump.
Forecasts for the creditor market, where media scrutiny is expected to lead to a slump as penetration rates and commission rates fall
Izturis sizzles: The interminable hitting slump endured by Cesar Izturis both before and after his two-week stint on the disabled list last month is a distant memory now.
Using a full-scale simulator, researchers have shown that just a small difference in soil density determines whether a landslide becomes a fast-moving killer or merely one that slowly slumps downhill.
Small investors are still keen to pile into the stock market despite the recent slumps.
The primary objective of the Brent 4C survey was to use the PZ data for improved imaging of the Brent slumps, which form a complex area on the eastern side of the field.
Green, a tireless worker, usually tries to work his way out of slumps with early hitting in the batting cages in the bowels of a stadium.
In places, this coating has slid downhill in speedy landslides and slower-moving slumps.
All shooters go through slumps, but UCLA forward Jason Kapono hasn't gone through one like this.
It is known that slumps can create extremely devastating tsunamis and extremely localized ones," says Okal.