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slump down

[for someone] to collapse and fall down; [for someone] to crumple. The shot hit Max and he slumped down. Suddenly, Mr. Wilson slumped down in pain.
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slump down in(to) something

[for someone] to bend down or collapse into something, such as a chair or bed. Gary grabbed at his chest and slumped down into the bed. He slumped down into the chair and draped himself over the arm.
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slump over

[for someone] to collapse and fall over forward in a sitting position. Just after the gunshot, Bruno slumped over and slid from his chair.
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Some athletes reported rarely or never experiencing an unexplained slump (23%), but most athletes reported that unexplained slumps were an occasional problem throughout their sporting career (54%).
Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to problems in integrating the TrimFleet Ready Mix solution with RS Solutions' Ready Slump system, performance of the integrated solutions, customer acceptance and demand for the integrated solutions, changing market or economic conditions, or contractual disagreements between the parties.
It lost 99 points on Friday and analysts fear another big slump today as dealers react to sliding markets in Asia and the US.
MONTREAL - Coming off an 0-for-5 Friday that included three strikeouts and following a 2-for-11 series in New York, Shawn Green was out of the lineup Saturday for the first time this season as manager Jim Tracy looks to shake his All-Star right fielder out of his early-season slump.
Whatever the outcome of the debate, the recent tsunami is forcing researchers to consider slumps as potential sources of giant waves, says Eddie Bernard, coordinator of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program in Seattle.
All shooters go through slumps, but UCLA forward Jason Kapono hasn't gone through one like this.
It is known that slumps can create extremely devastating tsunamis and extremely localized ones," says Okal.
The club is concerned about Karros, who has struggled with slumps and injuries since the middle of last season.
Com Tour members who are slumping are worth watching, because those slumps have a way of reversing dramatically - as in the case of Garrett Willis.
Look, the psychology of slumps is hard enough to understand, the psychology of golf slumps doubly so.
JetHawks manager Mark Parent, who played in the major leagues for 10 years, has experienced slumps and understands the frustration.
economy will enter 1999 with enough power to resist the drag from economic slumps abroad.
More pertinent reasons for the loss: slumps by Van Exel (two points, 0 for 9) and Eddie Jones (10 points, 4 for 15), 22 percent shooting on 3-pointers and another shaky first half (11 team turnovers).
So, in the spirit of fall and everything good that comes with it, Alicia suggested that we make a slump.