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slump down

[for someone] to collapse and fall down; [for someone] to crumple. The shot hit Max and he slumped down. Suddenly, Mr. Wilson slumped down in pain.
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slump down in(to) something

[for someone] to bend down or collapse into something, such as a chair or bed. Gary grabbed at his chest and slumped down into the bed. He slumped down into the chair and draped himself over the arm.
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slump over

[for someone] to collapse and fall over forward in a sitting position. Just after the gunshot, Bruno slumped over and slid from his chair.
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This was inferred because majority of slumping in the region are closely associated with these incompetent shale and clay beds of the Kurram Formation/group covered by unconsolidated regolith.
Slumping in an armchair was a green blob-like figure who looked like the Incredible Hulk turned to fudge--or like an obese cousin of Thomas Schutte's Gro[beta]e Geister (Big Spirits), 1996.
He notes public fears over West Nile disease, a slumping U.
Enter Dick Morris, longtime fan of the Celtic president, ready to do anything to stop him from slumping, even kidnap issues from the other team if it will help his man win.
Despite slumping sales, Bob Evans has an excellent record of dividend increase and no long term debt.
Richard Nunez's shot in the final moments of the first half carried Cruz Azul (8-5-2) to a 1-0 victory over slumping Jaguares (6-5-4), which has fallen from No.
If China actually experienced a recession with slumping investment, unemployment could increase sharply and threaten the country's political stability.
The scarce, indirect observations of submarine landslides now available suggest the slumping sediments can travel swiftly, says Steven N.