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slump down

[for someone] to collapse and fall down; [for someone] to crumple. The shot hit Max and he slumped down. Suddenly, Mr. Wilson slumped down in pain.
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slump down in(to) something

[for someone] to bend down or collapse into something, such as a chair or bed. Gary grabbed at his chest and slumped down into the bed. He slumped down into the chair and draped himself over the arm.
See also: down, slump

slump over

[for someone] to collapse and fall over forward in a sitting position. Just after the gunshot, Bruno slumped over and slid from his chair.
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Though premium sales are slumping, marketing campaigns should help continue an already underway turnaround.
The scarce, indirect observations of submarine landslides now available suggest the slumping sediments can travel swiftly, says Steven N.
rambles the sound track; meanwhile, in their sheer, lumpen thingness, the vast, bloated, slumping pumpkins ungraciously refuse to serve as metaphors for sculptures, ideas, or anything else.
THE FTSE 100 Index of blue chip shares ended its second consecutive year on the decline after slumping 16pc throughout 2001.
However, the Street's estimate had previously been lowered as the company struggles with a slumping US tobacco business.
Unlike most erosion on Earth, the slumping can't be due to wind or water since airless Io has neither.
But as Guerrero and the Angels began to a three-game series at home Monday against the Colorado Rockies, Angels manager Mike Scioscia said there's a lot of reasons why his right fielder is slumping, but Guerrero's health isn't one of them.
At present, Okal calls the case for slumping circumstantial.