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sluice something down

to rinse something down; to flood the surface of something with water or other liquid to clean it. John sluiced the driveway down. Karen sluiced down the garage floor.
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sluice something out

to rinse something out; to flood the inside of something to clean it. Sluice the wheelbarrow out, will you? Please sluice out the wheelbarrow.
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It's been a long time since I saw that sluice in action", said Mark, of Linthwaite.
The remaining 300 to 400 million cubic metres would be guaranteed by installing the sluice gates at the Corumana Dam.
But the story of life on Rocky Island has been rescued by Seaton Sluice villagers Hugh and Helen Lamont.
Taunton magistrates court heard Goddard used a crowbar to force open the sluice gates and bragged about the act at a New Year's Eve party.
Replacing the second sluice gate will allow us to close water off to the current working wheel, known as the north water wheel, and finally replacing the third sluice gate will prevent a complete collapse of the gate and subsequent drainage of the millpond.
The governor's warning came a day after he received an order from Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to raise the barrier at the sluice gate in the Khlong Sam Wa canal to 1 meter to allow more water to flow under the gate.
The other sluice will be adjusted soon, and it will be opened to test it, but not at the same time as the first.
The stretch of water where the tragedy happened has sluice gates at either end and is a popular spot for anglers,who purchase day tickets to fish at the site.
Culicover and Jackendoff 2005), a fact straightforwardly captured on a theory that projects syntactic reconstruction of a sluice.
Heavy fighting followed the closure by the Tamil Tigers last month of sluice gates at Mavilaru, which deprived thousands of farmers in government-controlled areas of water.
The 22-year-old had been missing for more than a day when his body was discovered floating in Three Pools sluice in Crossens on Sunday morning.
Nicholas Jordan, 16, was alleged to have broken into the 200-year-old Venachar Dam, in Callander, Perthshire, and cranked open three cast iron sluice gates.
Firefighters freed a man who became trapped by a four-tonne sluice gate.
2) was installed in 1927 and at that time consisted of (1) a 1,200-acre reservoir; (2) a short concrete abutment on the north and south banks of the river; (3) a powerhouse containing two generators (2,000 kW and 1,300 kW); (4) a spillway with a combination gate bay consisting of four tainter gate bays, five stop log bays, and a sluice gate; and (5) a 3,700-foot long, 18-foot high earth embankment.
88 with Broughton's emendation of "Sluice": "Feare not, my Lord, for here against the Sluice, / The rocke is hollow.