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sluice down

1. To pour down (from or into something) in large amounts. The rain is positively sluicing down outside. I could hear the gurgle of the water sluicing noisily down the drain in the bathroom next to my room.
2. To clean or rinse something with a large flow or stream of water. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "sluice" and "down." The boss told me to go sluice down the stables and put down fresh hay. It's an old filmmakers' trick to sluice down the roads when shooting at night—they show up much better on film that way.
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sluice out

1. To pour or release (something) out (from or into something) in large amounts. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sluice" and "out." He turned the crank on the canal lock and watched the water sluice out. Engineers have been trying to sluice water out of the reservoir at an accelerated pace in anticipation of the heavy rainfall that has been predicted.
2. To clean, rinse, or flush the insides of something with a large flow or stream of water. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sluice" and "out." We'll need to sluice out these old pipes before we can use them again. Go to the old spigot and sluice out these slop buckets for me.
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sluice something down

to rinse something down; to flood the surface of something with water or other liquid to clean it. John sluiced the driveway down. Karen sluiced down the garage floor.
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sluice something out

to rinse something out; to flood the inside of something to clean it. Sluice the wheelbarrow out, will you? Please sluice out the wheelbarrow.
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Now the Seaton Sluice bell has been sold for re-use by the Australian congregation, with the approval of the Diocese of Newcastle.
Vicar of Seaton Sluice, the Reverend David Bowler, said: "Of course it's sad to have to part company with a bell that's been part of the village for over half a century, but we have to take our engineer's advice and look to the future of the church building as a whole.
Taunton magistrates court heard Goddard used a crowbar to force open the sluice gates and bragged about the act at a New Year's Eve party.
Replacing the second sluice gate will allow us to close water off to the current working wheel, known as the north water wheel, and finally replacing the third sluice gate will prevent a complete collapse of the gate and subsequent drainage of the millpond.
The governor's warning came a day after he received an order from Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to raise the barrier at the sluice gate in the Khlong Sam Wa canal to 1 meter to allow more water to flow under the gate.
The other sluice will be adjusted soon, and it will be opened to test it, but not at the same time as the first.
RIVER KNOWN AS SLUICE THE River Crossens or the Sluice as it known locally is the longest and deepest drain of the Southport and District Angling Association waters which was originally dug in 17th century to drain the waters of the vast Marton Mere.
The Belzona solution was applied to ensure the sluice channel was restored promptly as the product is able to rebuild and protect in one operation.
This forms the background for sluices such as [8]--B's sluice is felicitous even if she does not accept A's assertion--and [9]-B's sluice communicates that she has failed to fully understand A's utterance.
Asked who controlled the sluice, Rajapakse said that ''We are around it,'' while the LTTE said government troops were ''close to the sluice gates.
Although the building of the dam is seen as an important step in the regeneration of Mozambique, the rangers believe that the addition of the sluice gates represents a huge threat.
Jordan, of Callander, had denied culpably and recklessly endangering life by opening the three sluice gates on July 12 last year.
The answer may be your own version of this Japanese sluice made from real bamboo.
88 with Broughton's emendation of "Sluice": "Feare not, my Lord, for here against the Sluice, / The rocke is hollow.