sluff off

sluff (off)

and slough (off)
in. to waste time; to goof off. Watch him. He will sluff off if you don’t keep after him.
See also: off, sluff
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There is an element of goodness that he can never sluff off.
Over millennia, mud from the Missouri River, Ohio River silt, and the sluff off the Ozark Mountains tumbled down the continent and, at the great river's mouth, spilled and spread into an intricate coastline of inlets, estuaries, and bays.
Blaser, for whom the rumored death of his program has been an annual affair, recalled the other day how nervous he was the first time he heard swimming might be cut his freshman year and how it became easier to sluff off the rumors.
A micro-brush is then used to sluff off dead skin, allowing the anti-viral agent to attack the virus more directly.