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Goaded by the strength of my desires, and finding no outlet for them; hampered at every step and in every wish by the want of money; looking on study and fame as too slow a means of arriving at the pleasures that tempted me; drawn one way by my inward scruples, and another by evil examples; meeting with every facility for low dissipation, and finding nothing but hindrances barring the way to good society, I passed my days in wretchedness, overwhelmed by a surging tumult of desires, and by indolence of the most deadly kind, utterly cast down at times, only to be as suddenly elated.
I renewed my visits very affectionately at first, making efforts to be gracious, if not tender; by slow degrees I became politely civil; and one day, by a sort of tacit agreement between us, she allowed me to treat her as a stranger, and I thought that I had done all that could be expected of me.
First came quick, funny little steps, like a man walking on tiptoe for a wager; then came slow, careless, creaking steps, as of a big man walking about with a cigar.
Verily, too early died that Hebrew whom the preachers of slow death honour: and to many hath it proved a calamity that he died too early.
Bardell, repeated by slow degrees, and by dint of many questions, the conversation with which our readers are already acquainted.
SLOW POKES Edge-on, false-color view of a silicon photonic crystal whose hole-pocked structure slows down light long enough to be stored as data.
Rents are still much higher than they were just three years ago, but the record increases of the past two years have ceased as the overall economy slows.
TCP then assumes the packet is lost, halves the threshold it's been working with (the point at which it slows the doubling progression to unit increments), drops back to a congestion window of one packet, and retransmits the next packet in the sequence, as determined by the last ACK received.
When the national economy slows, the California economy will slow to some extent, and that in turn drives Los Angeles County,'' Dhawan said.
However, while a slow PC actually slows down lives, most users are not always aware that a slow PC is a symptom of a myriad of possible problems, such as virus attacks, overloaded hard drives, etc.
Many animals undergo periods of extreme metabolic slowdown, or torpor, in which heart rate drops, breathing slows, and body temperature plunges.
Drugs with anti-angiogenesis effects now in use include tamoxifen, which slows the growth of breast cancer, and interferon, used to treat melanoma, kidney and lymphoma cancers and hepatitis.
On the downside, if the economy slows more than expected or if a significant exogenous negative event occurs, the total return for the high yield market could be significantly lower than that experienced in 2006.
Studies had predicted that established foragers pass along a pheromone that slows their younger sisters' career change, according to Gene E.