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This is specially seen in Immortality (1993) and Slowness, both of which the French novelist and critic Guy Scarpetta included in his book of essays, L'age d'or du roman.
"Sometimes there is a slowness to recognize depression by patients, families, and doctors because it may appear so gradually.
officials complained about the slowness of Mexican authorities in investigating the crime.
Joined by the TAP agency, Ben Souf blamed political parties and parliamentary groups for the slowness, saying they "must make concessions to reach consensus as soon as possible."
Symptoms differ from case to case but they often include a tremor or fine shake while the person is at rest, rigidity of muscles, slowness of movement and unsteady balance.
All political parties have had things to say about the two issues on this problem road - the congestion on the western bypass on Tyneside and the slowness of the single carriageway stretches in Northumberland.
A spokesman for her mum Kate, pictured left, and dad Gerry said the slowness of the investigation was "taking its toll".
Fennell admitted there may be no announcements about the outcome of testing in Melbourne until after the Games have ended but made no apology for the slowness of the anti-doping process.
Crime three in the web designer's blue book after non-adjustable text size and slowness is forgetting to have a Back button.
Completely dislodged from utilitarian purpose and observed through a veil of imposed slowness, the magnified, mass-produced tool becomes sculptural--monumental even--at the precise moment when a fluffy white powder begins to fall and collect in tiny piles on every key.
The motion indicated that the body is part of the solar system, rather than the fixed background of stars and galaxies, and its slowness showed that the planetoid resides at the solar system's edge.
The Commission says the country's legal system is characterised by its slowness, and by the number of people in preventative detention (60% of the incarcerated population awaits trail), and the high numbers of arrests and rulings sent to appeal.
The three main symptoms are a tremor,muscular rigidity or stiffness and slowness of movement.
Last year's Reverse Psychology: Agenda I--Japan was a tortured and occasionally baffling work, involving ragtag dancers moving wildly in and out of a giant cube frame; only a few glints of Noh slowness gave any clue that the piece was intended as an exploration of postwar Japan.
Finally, the relative slowness of the tape units (to disk storage) also represents another, though small, bottleneck on overall system performance.