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To teach workers the new time discipline demanded by modern capitalism, the ruling classes set about promoting punctuality as a civic duty and a moral value, while denigrating slowness and tardiness as cardinal sins," he writes.
In Praise of Slowness is persuasive, alarming and reassuring all at once.
SLOWNESS by Milan Kundera New York: HarperCollins, 1995.
In this model, the Green's function is represented in terms of a delta function of space and time in slowness space.
14] Juncos recommended that high-potency antipsychotics such as haloperidol be avoided because of their rapid and often profound aggravation of parkinsonian symptoms, which include tremors, stooped posture, rigidity, poor balance, and slowness in body movements (bradykinesia).
A A COMBINATION of slowness in the mornings, lack of facial expression and spilling drinks, together with a general slowness, suggests Parkinson's disease to be the likely cause.
Because of the slowness of the procedures, only some 33,000 asylum claims were decided in 1999.
The massive port - which handles over 8m tons of cargo a year - has become a major frustration for its customers through its inefficiency, slowness and graft.
The slowness of the count has fueled concern about possible irregularities.
Opening a symposium on the Inquisition in Rome at the end of October, Roger Cardinal Etchegaray said, "The Church cannot cross the threshold of the new millenium without pressing its children to purify themselves in repentance for their errors, infidelity, incoherence and slowness.
Dysarthria is an impairment in speech skills due to weakness, slowness, and incoordination of muscles in the tongue, lips, or soft palate.
This may have been due, in part, to the fact that persons who are depressed and those who have Parkinson disease tend to share the following symptoms: slowness in movement, stooped posture, blank facial expression, sleep disturbances, and slowness in cognitive functioning.
Maybe the reason for the slowness of the whole enterprise.