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slower than molasses

Exceptionally slow or sluggish; not fast at all. This old laptop my dad gave me is a piece of junk. It's slower than molasses! Come on, Becky, you're slower than molasses back there! Pick up the pace and keep up with the group.
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slower than molasses in January

Exceptionally slow or sluggish; not fast at all. This old laptop my dad gave me is a piece of junk. It's slower than molasses in January! Come on, Becky, you're slower than molasses in January back there! Pick up the pace and keep up with the group.
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slower and slower

At an increasingly slower rate, pace, or velocity. The economy's growth has been getting slower and slower each month, leading some economists to worry that a crash could be on the horizon. The jet flew slower and slower until it eventually began falling from the sky.
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*slow as molasses in January

 and slower than molasses in January
very slow-moving. (*Also: as ~.) Can't you get dressed any faster? I declare, you're as slow as molasses in January. The traffic on the way to the concert was slower than molasses in January.
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slower and slower

at a decreasing rate of speed; slow and then even slower. The car is going slower and slower and will stop soon. The dog's breathing got slower and slower as it went to sleep.
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slow as (slower than) molasses (in January)

Extremely dilatory. This simile is American in origin, dates from the midor late nineteenth century, and is a vivid one for anyone who has ever tried to pour cold molasses from one container into another. “He’s slower than molasses,” wrote J. W. McAndrews (Monologue, ca. 1880).
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Meanwhile, the NFA of banks expanded but at a slower pace, even as banks' foreign assets continued to increase as a result of higher loans and investments in marketable debt securities,' according to the BSP.
Over 10 years of follow-up, the rate of decline for those who ate the most leafy greens was slower by 0.
Price forecasts for cheese, butter, and nonfat dry milk are lowered for 2017 on current price weakness and slower demand.
Looking forward, we expect growth in private consumption to stabilise at a moderate pace in the coming quarters as a result of slower (yet decent, given the tightness of the labour market) wages and consumer credit growth.
2 percent, indicating "continued growth in employment at a slower rate.
And not just a little bit slower, it is a lot slower -- 42 per cent slower.
Monday's convincing 119-run defeat in the opener of the fivematch series highlighted the need for England to develop changes of pace and slower balls, which the Sri Lankan seamers used to dismiss the tourists for just 150 in 34.
But Gibson conceded, "In England most wickets you play one-day cricket on will help you, it will nip around a bit so you don't need to bowl slower balls.
Ideally in a couple of years we're going to be a lot better at it (bowling slower balls) when we come up against pitches like this, but hopefully we can get the boys bowling them accurately," he said.
Maharoof had Glenn McGrath-like accuracy and mixed it up pretty well with at least two slower balls per over and (Lasith) Malinga and (Dilhara) Fernando showed great skill with the deception of their slower balls.
A reprocessor based in the Midwest says that while business is not bad, markets are generally slower this time of year.
Pressure waves traveled 7 percent slower than expected, and shear waves progressed about 30 percent slower," says Mao.
FAST BOWLERS with a well-concealed slower delivery - nicknamed doodlebugs - are all the rage.
However, the rate of decline was 10 percent slower in people who ate fish at least once a week than in those who ate fish less often.