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The available information indicated that the pace of economic expansion picked up in Europe after having slowed somewhat in the fourth quarter and was still strong on balance in Canada.
In quantity terms, the rates of growth of both imports and exports of goods and services slowed markedly from robust rates in 1994, in line with slower economic activity in the United States and abroad.
The company imported some 62 percent more seafreight in 2003, but this has slowed to 22 percent in 2004 and UBS predicts 15 percent in 2005.
The 2002 images show hot spots, which represent places where the jets have slowed and given up energy as they crash into dense interstellar gas.
Growth in consumer spending had slowed in recent months, owing in part to constraints on the supply of motor vehicles.
Hemmer of Hanscom Air Force Base near Boston and his colleagues have for the first time dramatically slowed light in a solid, Hemmer told SCIENCE NEWS.
Expansion in transactions balances, which had accounted for much of the growth in the broader aggregates over previous months, slowed markedly.
Since growth has slowed, the Fed could lower interest rates to stimulate the economy, thus causing the stock market to likely rally near term before correcting a bit into September or October.
The current El Nino warming has grown so strong, it has added a noticeable zip to atmospheric winds and slowed Earth's spin, suggest scientists who track the planet's rotation.
But in a vacuum - if densities are low enough to avoid condensation and if temperatures can be lowered to near absolute zero - free atoms can be slowed down to speeds of less than one mile per hour, allowing a close examination of their nature and properties.
Although job creation in the private sector of the economy has slowed this year, the civilian unemployment rate has remained near 5 1/4 percent, the lowest level in nearly twenty years.
Dollar show that economic growth has slowed states the June issue of the H.
In particular, an atom that repeatedly absorbs a photon head-on and then emits a similar photon in a random direction will be slowed considerably.
High doses of vitamin E can delay the disabling effects of midstage Alzheimer's disease for months and postpone the need for institutionalization, according to a new study that offers the first compelling proof that the brain-destroying disorder can at least be slowed.
Reflecting these developments, the slowdown in activity was concentrated in the manufacturing sector: Factory employment, which increased a total of 90,000 over the first three months of 1989, declined 195,000 over the remainder of the year, and growth in manufacturing production slowed from 5 1/2 percent in 1988 to only 1 3/4 percent last year.