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Its growth rate slowed to 18 percent from 47 percent during the first quarter.
The pace of business inventory accumulation slowed sharply in January from the fourth-quarter rate.
We slowed the rate down and improved posture, and used strengthening exercises as well.
Participants agreed that activity in the office leasing market has slowed considerably compared with 2000, with landlords more apt to give concessions to tenants.
Although employment in construction recovered in May from the weather-depressed level in April, the underlying growth in such jobs seemed to have slowed. Employment in manufacturing changed little over April and May after having increased moderately in the first quarter.
The 2002 images show hot spots, which represent places where the jets have slowed and given up energy as they crash into dense interstellar gas.
In quantity terms, the rates of growth of both imports and exports of goods and services slowed markedly from robust rates in 1994, in line with slower economic activity in the United States and abroad.
That would mean that cosmic expansion has somehow sped up, not slowed down.
Office properties are seeing more sublet space become available and leasing has slowed from last year's pace.
The information available at this meeting suggested that the expansion of economic activity had slowed substantially after a strong gain in such activity during the third quarter.
Hemmer of Hanscom Air Force Base near Boston and his colleagues have for the first time dramatically slowed light in a solid, Hemmer told SCIENCE NEWS.
Final sales, especially of consumer goods, had firmed during the summer months while inventory investment apparently had slowed after a second-quarter surge.
There is agreement that first-time buyers will be the group that is most likely to be affected, and indeed, sales have slowed considerably around the country.
According to that theory, the universe has expanded ever since its explosive birth, but gravity has gradually slowed the expansion.
The information reviewed at this meeting suggested that the pace of economic expansion, though still substantial, might have slowed somewhat recently.