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The airline blamed a slow March on air traffic control strikes and disruption from Storm Katie and the Brussels terror attacks.
This groundbreaking work resolves such controversies as Grant's drunken partying with the enemy, unfairly blaming Lew Wallace for the slow march to Shiloh, pretending to possess a plan to pass Vicksburg, taking credit for the charge up Missionary Ridge, leaving wounded men to die between the lines at Cold Harbor, and mistreating Black soldiers and civilians.
companies continue a slow march toward gender diversity.
It was Sheldon's first lead since 1-0 and capped its slow march back.
Pallbearers carried the casket from the plane and proceeded in a slow march as the Air Force band played on.
The coalition government's slow march to formally launching the next general election has exposed some of the top issues we'll hear even more about during the weeks ahead.
The field is littered with hype and people left in the dust--including LeVine, whose book, in its slow march to press, didn't get to the solid-state battery technology that's now at the cutting edge.
Jimmy Speedie was killed at Loos in September 1915 and Currie, Ellis and Wattie all fell at the Somme, that repugnant slow march to death ordered by their own generals.
An economic crisis would stall, if not entirely derail, the slow march towards elections--as would fresh outbreaks of fighting between Yemen's many armed groups.
The market should continue its slow march back to normal, as annual (price) appreciation rates fall to more sustainable levels around 3 percent,'' said Stan Humphries, chief economist at real estate data provider Zillow.
the prior quarter, while Equity Capital Markets was "greatly improved as both M&A and new issue business rebounded from the slow March quarter.
But the seminal--or ovular--point is that women are making progress in the long, slow march to political equality.
Meanwhile Dimbleby remarked: "This is not a slow march, it's marching slowly," before asking funeral guest Terry Wogan: "Seriously, what brings you here?
The purpose of the meeting was to decide how to provide for the thousands of freed slaves--known as "contraband"--following the Union army in its slow march across the South.
Late afternoon and the slow march up to the magnificent Durham Cathedral, looking down, as it had done for almost 1,000 years, on the men and the women, and the children too, moving towards it.