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The reaper stops in his work, and stands with folded arms, looking at the vehicle as it whirls past; and the rough cart- horses bestow a sleepy glance upon the smart coach team, which says as plainly as a horse's glance can, 'It's all very fine to look at, but slow going, over a heavy field, is better than warm work like that, upon a dusty road, after all.' You cast a look behind you, as you turn a corner of the road.
We rowed with all our strength, but it was slow going with so many boats in tow.
The orders received by the Pakistani exhibitors in Heimtextil is the only hope for the slow going textile industry and this development is being taken as a blessing if proves right, Chairman Karachi Brokers' Forum Naseem Usman said.
The exploration is also a bit slow going as well to keep the reader guessing as to what is honestly going on inside this cave.
As a pilot with many years of flying experience but no formal engineering or scientific training, there were parts of the book I found very slow going. In the end, it comes pretty close to the publisher's bill on the back cover: a book for the "technically minded reader who seeks a reflective, thoughtful introduction to the concepts that allow flight."
He admits it will be slow going pedalling the penny farthing with its four feet diameter front wheel and 16 inch diameter rear wheel.
A beautifully sunny day greeted them as they took to the pitch and for the first half it was slow going for the Rams.
Slow going The weather hit traffic coming in and going out of the city 160118SNOW_02
A spokesman for Rhyl RNLI said: "They had chosen not to take the advice of the lifeboat crew on previous calls, and had launched their boat into a moderate sea with an offshore breeze, and were finding it very slow going, trying to return to shore.
That suggests he should stay this distance on a flat track and he is equally effective on good or slow going, so shouldn't have any problem with these conditions.
"Outsiders" is slow going in its opening chapters, but the best hope for the 13-episode run is that the series does generally improve as it progresses.
There are already indications that the pace of funding could slow going forward.
I've seen the goal a couple of times and I caught it really well, although I have to say their goalie was a bit slow going down for it.
One man turned to his neighbour and said, rather disparagingly (in 'standard English'): "It's rather slow going, isn't it?" His adjacent spectator turned and asked: "Where are you from then?" The first man replied, "Oh, I'm a visitor.
Difficult conditions, including a lot of large, down wood and snags from a previous fire in the area, were making for slow going for fire crews, officials said.