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Caterer Middle East sits down with Time Hotels director of food & beverage Bernard Fantoli and Slow Food - Dubai Convivium leader Laura Allais-Mare to find out the objectives and rationale, the process and experience of converting to slow food, and how it affects the bottom line.
Truth is, I love slow cooking, but I'd never done it in a slow cooker.
Founder Woody Tasch, author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing As If Food, Farms and Fertility Mattered(published 2009,) also just published a "rabble-rousing" pamphlet, "Commons nth", available for download at http://slowmoney.
Since the announcement of the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker enabled with WeMo at the 2014 International CES back in January, we have seen enormous interest in the slow cooker and its potential to bring the Internet of Things to life for consumers," said Ohad Zeira, director of product management for WeMo.
Geologists are now learning that slow slip happens in all sorts of places, from Japan to New Zealand to Costa Rica.
Slow here is a relative term, deriving most of its meaning from a rejection of the sped up technocratic world of "fast food.
The Slow Education movement doesn't just have its sights set on what happens in the classroom.
As such, Slow Money is dedicated to connecting investors to their local economies by marshaling financial resources to invest in small food enterprises and local food systems.
Take advantage of the lovely summer fruits to make ice creams and jams for the store cupboard or just support a local business by eating out - there are fantastic Slow Food Week offers to be had," says organiser Trine Hughes.
Make the most of fantastic summer produce and spend time in your kitchen enjoying the art of cookery during Slow Food week, which runs across Merseyside from June 20-26.
Alongside the RELY 5922R material for slow crack growth resistance SABIC has introduced its strain hardening method for slow crack growth resistance testing.
ULTRA-STYLISH stainless steel slow cooker is great on looks and design.
She believes that the growth of slow tourism will quicken as a result of the recession.
Publications International is a premier publisher of 'slow cooker' cookbooks, each of which is superbly designed to be thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' in using a crock-pot or slow cooker approach to meal preparation.