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Legarda said Slow Food Manila had been holding taste workshops to show people how to use endangered heirloom species such as gluten-free adlai, a grain from Malaybalay, Bukidnon; rare and luxury Criollo cacao from Davao; coffee from Batangas and Benguet; and souring agents like batwan, tabon-tabon and suha.
At the heart of the slow food movement in the Philippines is the preferential choice for food that is innately 'good'--from the planting of seeds up to harvesting, to the preparation of food, including its packaging, marketing, and delivery, the whole process, which harnesses local skills and talents, is ethical, righteous, and respectful to the environment and the labor put into it.
According to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), the Cittaslow International list includes 11 Korean Slow Cities.
Caterer Middle East sits down with Time Hotels director of food & beverage Bernard Fantoli and Slow Food - Dubai Convivium leader Laura Allais-Mare to find out the objectives and rationale, the process and experience of converting to slow food, and how it affects the bottom line.
Jaffe bases his compelling case for how and why slow films provide intellectual and aesthetic pleasures for a wider audience in their form: 'A cut, camera move, slant of light, the texture of a wall, the posture of a character--all become more prominent, and afford the pensive spectator rare insight and pleasure' (p.
But if Americans are so smitten with their slow cookers, maybe there was something I was missing.
The Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker is the first smartphone-controllable slow cooker, which brings greater control and flexibility over life s unexpected moments.
Within the slow movement, Slow Media and Slow Design have emerged, but neither has yet to gain much traction.
The sixth edition of Slow Fish, organized by the Liguria Regional Au thority and Slow Food, is being held in early May in the Historical Port of Genoa, Italy.
New discoveries reveal how slow slip serves as a transition between ordinary quakes at the surface and those in deeper parts of the Earth where rocks flow like softened butter.
Slow here is a relative term, deriving most of its meaning from a rejection of the sped up technocratic world of "fast food.
The Slow Education movement doesn't just have its sights set on what happens in the classroom.
As such, Slow Money is dedicated to connecting investors to their local economies by marshaling financial resources to invest in small food enterprises and local food systems.
FORGET fast food and take it slow this week, as Slow Food Liverpool encourages us to spend time in the kitchen enjoying the art of cookery during Slow Food week, which runs until Saturday.
FORGET fast food and take it slow with Slow Food Liverpool next week.