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slough of despond

A state of severe depression. The phrase originated in John Bunyan's 17th-century novel A Pilgrim's Progress. I started going to therapy once I felt myself slipping into the slough of despond.
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slough something off

1. Lit. to brush or rub something off. The snake sloughed its old skin off. It sloughed off its skin.
2. Fig. to ignore or disregard a negative remark or incident. I could see that the remark had hurt her feelings, but she just pretended to slough it off. Liz sloughed off the remark.
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slough off

1. To shed or peel off some outer layer, especially by rubbing or scraping: We need to slough the paint off the pipes before we install them. The snake sloughed off its skin against a rock.
2. To shed or peel off, as an outer layer: My skin is sloughing off because of the dryness.
3. To avoid some work or to work lazily: Your grades are bad because you've been sloughing off your homework a lot recently. After lunch, he sloughed off and played video games.
4. To leave unnoticed; slip away: The kids sloughed off into the woods.
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and slewy and slued and sloughed (up) (slud and ˈslui and slud...)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Wallace is too slewed to drive.
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sloughed up

See slewed
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See slewed
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sluff (off)

and slough (off)
in. to waste time; to goof off. Watch him. He will sluff off if you don’t keep after him.
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slough off

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The city of Slough contains over 30,000 Pakistan and AJK-origin Britishers and ten of the councilors originally belonged to Pakistan and Mirpur district of AJK.
Luke Knight is doubtful for Southern League Premier club Slough after sustaining a dead leg.
Slough had a late free-kick that drifted wide before Merthyr exerted one last attack that came to nothing and the teams now meet again on Tuesday.
Mr Slough said any pupil seen with an energy drink has it confiscated.
The debris landed in a waterway called Coalbank Slough, which feeds into Isthmus Slough, which empties into Coos Bay.
Students will assess the slough habitat, test water quality (sediment) and observe, identify and count fish.
The man appeared before Slough Magistrates' Court on Saturday, where he was remanded until his next court appearance at Reading Crown Court on March 4.
The new bus station is the first of a number of key developments to be brought forward within the Heart of Slough masterplan area which covers 11.
Slough, in Berkshire, came top of an accident hot-spot list compiled from motor claim data by Endsleigh Insurance Services.
Pond fishes were represented by 12 species, whereas slough fishes were represented by 22 species.
agreed and completed the sale of Bath Road Retail Park, Slough, to The Crown
ANXIOUS not to alienate many of its regular customers, Windsor racecourse yesterday distanced itself from a campaign organised by a group of local residents anxious to rid themselves of a Slough postcode they consider below their dignity, writes Rodney Masters.
Moss Landing is the gateway to the scenic tidal marshlands of the Elkhorn Slough, an important stop for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway and a sheltered harbor for seals and sea otters.
Elkhorn Slough is a shallow, seasonal estuary of about 1,200 ha at the center of Monterey Bay on the central California coast (Fig.