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be no slouch

To be very hardworking, enthusiastic, and/or skillful. Tom might not be the friendliest coworker in the world, but he's no slouch when it comes to running the company's IT systems.
See also: no, slouch

no slouch

A phrase used to describe someone very hardworking, enthusiastic, and/or skillful. Tom might not be the friendliest coworker in the world, but he's no slouch when it comes to running the company's IT systems.
See also: no, slouch

slouch around

to move around with a stooped or bent body. (one may slouch because of age, illness, fatigue, depression, fear, or with the intention of not being observed.) she is slouching around because she is tired. Don't you slouch around when you are tired?
See also: around, slouch

slouch behind something

to remain behind something, slouching with depression, fear, or the intent of not being observed. Jim slouched behind a chair where no one could see him. A weary clerk slouched behind the counter, wanting a nap more than anything else.
See also: behind, slouch

slouch down

to slump or droop down. Don't always slouch down, Timmy! Stand up straight. I slouch down because I am tired.
See also: down, slouch

slouch down (in something)

to sink or snuggle down into something, trying to become less visible or more comfortable. Please don't slouch down in your chair, Tim. He can't sit in anything without slouching down.
See also: down, slouch

slouch over

to lean or crumple and fall to one side; [for someone] to collapse in a sitting position. He slouched over and went to sleep in his chair. When he slouched over, I thought something was wrong.
See also: over, slouch

be no ˈslouch (at something/at doing something)

(informal) be good at something/at doing something: He’s no slouch in the kitchen — you should try his spaghetti bolognese.
See also: no, slouch
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Accessorize's metallic hobo bag, pounds 20, Dorothy Perkins' gold charm detail slouch bag, pounds 22, and Topshop's gold leather tote bag, pounds 70, are perfect for both metallic and slouchy trends STRUCTURED The return of womanly, tailored clothes mean that the traditional framed bag is still in fashion.
Team with opaque tights, slouchy Eighties boots and a cross-body bag for winter boho vibes, or take the fashionforward route and wear over jeans, finishing with a statement heel.
Caption: Sarah ended up knitting two more hats, a beanie and a slouchy hat, and sent them off to Texas.
CHANCES are that, like us, you had a bit of a feast over Christmas and about the only thing you feel comfortable in is your slouchy sweatsuit.
From the Ronald McDope Fiend Tee to the Cross Studs Slouchy Beanie, Rat Baby is bound to make heads and stomachs turn.
Denim tank tops were teamed with slouchy jeans, while thigh-high slits featured heavily in the figure-hugging dresses and monochrome skirts.
The new campaign images shows the 37-year-old footie star modelling his H and M line in slouchy jogging bottoms which comes for 19.
I think it's sexy when chicks wear black slouchy trousers -- fitted, but slouchy," Stewart said.
Her slouchy turns on the red carpet are the stuff of legend, behaving like an adolescent who has been ordered to wear a puffball bridesmaid dress to her auntie's wedding - and don't get me started on the nasty nail varnish and greasy locks.
At a quick glance, she appears to seamlessly channel an assortment of tough-chic grunge and vintage, to free-spirit boho and current fashion into a cohesive sartorial chaos, adopting slouchy layers, oversized sunglasses and cocktail dresses.
Not only have the Bollywood babes woken up two seasons too late to the trend, they also seem to be forgetting the style norms of slouchy dressing while slipping into the loose- fit- one- piece garment.
She arranged them along a shelf and spoke to them in their slouchy configurations as if they were dolls that would, as she remembered from childhood, come alive at night and move about.
The Amanda has the modern look of a slouchy hobo bag and features a comfortable cotton webbing shoulder strap, dual side zip insulated pockets to keep bottles hot or cold, and many compartments to ensure that items such as diapers, wipes, cell phones, and keys stay organized and accessible.