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be no slouch

To be very hardworking, enthusiastic, and/or skillful. Tom might not be the friendliest coworker in the world, but he's no slouch when it comes to running the company's IT systems.
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no slouch

A phrase used to describe someone very hardworking, enthusiastic, and/or skillful. Tom might not be the friendliest coworker in the world, but he's no slouch when it comes to running the company's IT systems.
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slouch around

to move around with a stooped or bent body. (one may slouch because of age, illness, fatigue, depression, fear, or with the intention of not being observed.) she is slouching around because she is tired. Don't you slouch around when you are tired?
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slouch behind something

to remain behind something, slouching with depression, fear, or the intent of not being observed. Jim slouched behind a chair where no one could see him. A weary clerk slouched behind the counter, wanting a nap more than anything else.
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slouch down

to slump or droop down. Don't always slouch down, Timmy! Stand up straight. I slouch down because I am tired.
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slouch down (in something)

to sink or snuggle down into something, trying to become less visible or more comfortable. Please don't slouch down in your chair, Tim. He can't sit in anything without slouching down.
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slouch over

to lean or crumple and fall to one side; [for someone] to collapse in a sitting position. He slouched over and went to sleep in his chair. When he slouched over, I thought something was wrong.
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be no ˈslouch (at something/at doing something)

(informal) be good at something/at doing something: He’s no slouch in the kitchen — you should try his spaghetti bolognese.
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This paunch affects both heavy and thin women and can be attributed to slouching and poor sitting habits.
The most common postural issues are a result of constant slouching and swayback.
So the next time you're at a conference or sales meeting, sit up straight, shoulders back, and no slouching.
Chiropractors urged sufferers to watch their posture and avoid slouching.
Overall, the worst position for the spine--as reflected in disk height--was the slouching position, followed closely by the upright 90-degree position, investigators at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) reported.
Since their idea of upright includes the over-arching and tension, bringing them into balance will cause them to feel as if they are slouching or even leaning back.
When tested on 30 individuals, the chair demonstrated an overall accuracy of 96% in determining whether they were slouching, leaning in various positions, crossing their legs, or sitting upright.
Using algorithms adapted from face-recognition technology, the computer then compares those calculations with a library of similar data on prerecorded, averaged profiles for specific postures, such as leaning left, right-leg crossed, and slouching.
5, Bush said, "Too often, on social issues, my party has painted an image of America slouching tomorrow Gomorrah.
His posture is not good either, his back is curved and he is slouching.
The further I read in Slouching Towards Gomorrah, the new best-seller ostensibly written by Robert Bork, the more convinced I became that the book was in fact an elaborate parody.
Marin's 1979 Contrastes portrays little, pursed, gray people, trapped in their pedestrian rut, slouching to work with briefcases, paper-pushing on a long bench and lit by harsh fluorescent lights that glare in our eyes.
Sit attentively but not tensely, not slouching or lying down.
It''s lightweight, weather-proof, supports bodyweights of up to 21 stone and is designed to help improve your posture aS nd reduce back pain by encouraging you to sit in a proper position, rather than slumping and slouching.
Rickover says that over time, many people develop patterns of posture and movement, such as slouching, that cause muscle tightness, .