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uk BARBARA HODGSON GETTING up in the mornings can be a struggle for the best of us and, once up, some will give into the temptation to slouch around in their pyjamas - unless it's a work or school day of course.
It's a spa that's been well thought-out and is a joy to slouch around, as you move from one meditative state to another.
It's a spa that is a joy to slouch around, as you move from one meditative state to another.
On the road, the Q3 is a good companion but is no slouch around town either.
As children, we were constantly reminded to wash our hands, have a bath and not slouch around at home in our night clothes even on a Sunday.
49 SLOUCH AROUND Comfy trousers have real appeal on a camping break and for less than a tenner you can get into your comfort zone with these slouch pants in grey or charcoal, pounds 9.
The Scot pinged in a 68 180s during the 14-week regular season - that was 12 more than Simon Whitlock amassed and 28 more than Adrian Lewis, himself no slouch around the lipstick.
So he'd slouch around the house and wave Lucas and Elena away as if they were a couple of children.
I don't need to see it so often that I don't slouch around in a tracksuit sometimes but, yes I do like to look nice for him.
In fact, after Everton took their record-breaking lead on 25 seconds, Drogba started to slouch around like he was carrying the world's financial problems on his shoulders.
The dancers slouch around like nothing's happening, then launch into wild partnering.
Since their number-one rule was to stay undercover, I thought that it was extremely dim-witted of the so-called vampires to slouch around in clothes that stood apart from their peers and to refuse to act like their schoolmates.
There might be two reasons for that one, people dress to impress at Fibre and don't slouch around in hoodies, and two, Cristal's a bit expensive to be pouring anywhere except your mouth
That's not to say it's a slouch around town as on its urban home ground the Grande Punto is a winner.
Flaunt curves in Gap's skinny jeans, pounds 45, and Topshop's Baxter skinny jeans, pounds 40, or slouch around in Dorothy Perkins' linen tie trousers, pounds 20, or Fullcircle's Delta linen trousers, pounds 60.