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slosh around

 (in something)
1. [for a liquid] to rush or splash around in an enclosure or container. The milk sloshed around in the pitcher and splashed over a little bit. The fluid sloshed around, making a splashing sound.
2. to move or splash through a liquid, usually standing on one's feet. Billy sloshed around in the wading pool. The kids have been sloshing around in puddles again.
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slosh over

[for a liquid] to splash over its container. The water in the wading pool sloshed over and made the grass slippery. Don't fill the glass too full. It will slosh over.
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slosh something (all) over someone or something

to spill or splash a liquid over someone or something. Laura tripped and sloshed the grape juice all over Martha. Martin sloshed pancake batter over the side of the stove.
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slosh something around

to cause a liquid to rush or splash in a container. The chef sloshed the dressing around a few times and poured it on the salad. The chef sloshed around the dressing and poured it on the salad.
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slosh something on(to) someone or something

 and slosh something on
to splash or spill a liquid onto someone or something. Betty sloshed the charcoal lighter fluid on Fred, and he went in to wash it off. Then she sloshed the fluid onto the charcoal. slosh on some more.
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slosh through something

[for a person] to wade or splash through something. The little kids sloshed through every puddle on their way home. We sloshed through the stream, ruining our shoes and soaking our cuffs.
See also: slosh, through


1. n. beer; liquor. How about a glass of slosh?
2. tv. & in. to drink liquor, including beer; to drink to excess. Are you going to slosh gin all night?
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Speaking after five races, Murtagh said: "It was sloshy ground here on Friday night but conditions have improved a lot today and it's just on the slow side of good.
He is probably better going through the ground when it is sloshy rather than sticky like it is.
Her husband is savvy, and a hardboiled egg has a different heft to it, is either heavier or lighter than its sloshy kin.
After helping Canyon to a sloshy 39-33 victory over Burbank, Montano figures to remain a two-way starter if Canyon wants to be a championship contender.
Saturday's Pillar Property Chase was the perfect race for his fan club and Mrs Lockhart with sloshy conditions crashing the gears of so many horses.
PETE BRAME: The Alcoholics Love Song More sloshy than slushy.
Woods said: "The course is very sloshy and the ball is picking up so much mud but with the conditions, you also don't want to be too far behind.
Another chance of rain was expected Friday or Saturday for Los Angeles, which so far this year has surpassed sloshy Seattle in the amount of rainfall.
Not that Maguire regretted one sloshy step alongside the record number of competitors who endured 48-degree temperatures.
The forecast suggests it will bucket down with rain, so we just have to hope that makes conditions sloshy, rather than the holding surface he hates.
GOLF: Heather Daly-Donofrio, an LPGA rookie who also coaches golf at Yale, didn't seem to mind the puddles, sloshy ground and hazy sky to shoot a 5-under-par 67 for the first-round lead in the LPGA Friendly's Classic in Agawam, Mass.
They are forecasting rain, which would suit Seven No Trumps, who prefers it sloshy, but they finished one and two at Warwick lastMonday and One Way Ticket is certainly not out of it.