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1. Food, especially semiliquid food, that is of particularly low quality or otherwise unappetizing. I'm so sick of the slop they've been serving us in the cafeteria.
2. Food or drinks that have not been completely eaten or drunk by someone; leftovers. Almost always written as "slops." We were so poor that we used to go around the bar filling our glasses with the slops left behind by other people. Having a dog is a great way to get rid of the slops when we're done eating, rather than having them go into a landfill.
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n. bad beer; inferior liquor. Why do we have to drink slops like this? Can’t Tom afford to give his guests something decent?
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Besides the sugar bowl, there is another bowl someone told me was the "slop bowl.'' Please tell me how one makes tea with a set such as this?
The facility can receive up to 10,000 cu m of slops and has already begun receiving consignments of slops cargo as the training team assists the Oman Drydock Company open for business, said Ian Huggins, the general manager at Unique System.
Mr Devane added: "It is illegal, degrading and inhumane that prisoners must carry out the slops from their cells each morning.
Okay, they were Robert Napier's own slops and the reason he was in the Bar-L in the first place was because he'd robbed a woman at knifepoint.
But the work also derives from collecting the slops of the film industry.
Pigswill - the slops from school dinners, restaurants and cafes - is already banned in some European countries, such as Portugal and Luxembourg.
Thus the slops worn by Armado in Love's Labor's Lost, by Bobadilla in Every Man In and by Benedick in Much Ado probably migrated from character to character as their state declined.
They believe contaminated pigswill, slops from restaurants and school canteens, fed to pigs is responsible for the current crisis.