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1. Food, especially semiliquid food, that is of particularly low quality or otherwise unappetizing. I'm so sick of the slop they've been serving us in the cafeteria.
2. Food or drinks that have not been completely eaten or drunk by someone; leftovers. Almost always written as "slops." We were so poor that we used to go around the bar filling our glasses with the slops left behind by other people. Having a dog is a great way to get rid of the slops when we're done eating, rather than having them go into a landfill.


n. bad beer; inferior liquor. Why do we have to drink slops like this? Can’t Tom afford to give his guests something decent?
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He dumped another bucket of slops into the home-made trough.
You fellows are always stewing, over something, and every once in a while you slop over and make a mess of it.
Shops with nautical instruments in the windows, rope and paint sellers, and slop shops with long rows of oilskins dangling from hooks, all proclaimed the neighborhood of the docks.
Tenders are invited for Preparation of ground for plantation of hill top road flowering plants on simhagiri hill slops
Ecoslops has a technology capable of transforming oil residues from shipping slops and sludge into new fuels and light bitumen.
The slops (sic) bowl is necessary because fresh tea and the soothing conviviality that it produces keep people coming back for more.
Unique Maritime Group (UMG), a leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution provider, said one of its unit has completed the first turnkey sludge & slops project for the Oman government.
I'm not the kind of person that just slops around in sweatpants.
It was also agreed that the slops could at worst have caused a range of short-term low-level flu-like symptoms and anxiety.