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slippery slope

A situation in which some behavior or action will eventually lead to a worse form of the same behavior or action, or a disastrous outcome. Eating that piece of cake is a slippery slope that could lead to you completely abandoning your diet. Verbal abuse is often a slippery slope that leads to physical abuse.
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on a slippery slope

In a situation in which some behavior or action will eventually lead to a worse form of the same behavior or action. We've been on a slippery slope of borrowing more money to pay off the debts we already owe. Activists fear that this latest legislation will put us on a slippery slope to stifling free speech.
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slippery slope

a dangerous pathway or route to follow; a route that leads to trouble. The matter of euthanasia is a slippery slope with both legal and moral considerations.
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slope away from something

to slant downward and away from something. The lawn sloped away from the patio toward the riverbank. The porch sloped away from the house at a very slight angle.
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slope down (to something or some place)

to slant downward toward something or some place from a higher level. The wide white beach sloped down to the azure water. The yard sloped down, making a lovely view from the living room.
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slope (down) toward something

to slant downward toward something. The backyard slopes down toward the river. It slopes toward the water.
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slope up (to something)

to slant upward in the direction of something. The ramp sloped up to the door, allowing wheelchairs to enter. It sloped up rather steeply.
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slippery slope

A dangerous course, one that leads easily to catastrophe, as in He's on a slippery slope, compromising his values to please both the bosses and the union . This metaphoric expression alludes to traversing a slick hillside, in constant danger of falling. [Mid-1900s]
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a slippery slope

COMMON A slippery slope is a course of action which is likely to lead to failure or serious trouble. It's a slippery slope. You give in to one demand and soon find that you're doing exactly what they want. The company started down the slippery slope of believing that they knew better than the customer, with the inevitable disastrous results. Note: You can also say that someone is on a slippery slope or on the slippery slope. These young people may already be on the slippery slope to criminality.
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slippery slope

an idea or course of action which will lead inevitably to something unacceptable, wrong, or disastrous.
1998 Spectator Those of us who feared that devolution would not assuage nationalist sentiment but turn out to be the slippery slope to separatism have a good chance of being proved right.
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the slippery ˈslope

a situation or way of behaving that could quickly lead to danger, disaster, failure, etc: Starting with shoplifting, he was soon on the slippery slope towards a life of crime.
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Die soms pynlike ontboesemings wat in Sloper gelewer word, gryp die leser derhalwe aan--dikwels ook weens hulle poetiese gehalte.
Sloper is very pedantic and careful; he seeks to remain fair in all situations and to avoid severity.
They are not just planning to make up the numbers, with chairman Sloper targeting a playoff spot in the debut season.
Sloper, Catherine's father, for her hand in marriage, the father, confidently played by Billy Bolster, suspects Morris's intentions toward his daughter.
A ALLY Sloper was created by Charles Ross and his comic, the Half-Holiday, first appeared in 1884.
Taught by Tom Sloper, a 22-year veteran of the industry, "How to Start a Career in Videogame Design" will cover basic technical information about videogames, an overview of videogame design, and tips on starting a career in the field.
Fadil Yassin Hussein, 47, of Sloper Road, Cardiff, admitted using a colour TV without a licence.
With a basic sloper, you can create custom patterns with virtually endless variations.
The horse was ridden by one of his sons, Jack Anthony, who gained two further Grand National successes on Ally Sloper in 1915 and Troytown in 1920; and was placed second on Old Tay Bridge in 1925 and 1926 and third in 1927 on Bright's Boy.
The "Magnificent Seven": Geoff Taylor, Bryan Sloper, Chris Gent, Ray Wallin, Paul McLaughlin, Ed Levie and last but not least David Jackson raised an incredible PS5,400 for the charities.
Sloper grieves his wife's long-ago passing and privately complains that his daughter lacks her mother's grace and beauty.
Changes can be made to the software and maintenance can be carried out without delays," explained Phil Sloper, national practice manager for knowledge management, CSC.
Sloper Road is not the same today, I'm not on the way to the Ninian Stand but who knows, maybe by next May we will be back in the promised land
WHAT: Bryan Sloper, of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club, introduced Steve Keating a prospective member who was inducted into the club at a recent club meeting