slope away from

slope away from (something)

1. To recede from something at a downward angle. Our driveway slopes away from the house, so you've got to be careful to always have your handbrake on when you park your car out front. Tell the landscapers to make sure that the grass slopes away from the center of the field. That way, rainwater will naturally drain off into the gutters and we won't be left with big muddy patches.
2. To cause or construct something to recede from something at a downward angle. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "slope" and "down." I want to slope the floor of the stables away from the horses' stalls so water won't collect beneath them when we bathe them. The builder obviously wasn't paying attention, because he ended up sloping the bookshelf away from the wall.
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slope away from something

to slant downward and away from something. The lawn sloped away from the patio toward the riverbank. The porch sloped away from the house at a very slight angle.
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Skiers will slope away from EU Brexit woes will drive more skiers away from EU pistes this winter amid fears of rising costs and future visa problems.
First, conduct regular inspections of gutters and downspouts to identify clogs, improper sloping, and other damage, which often lead to overflowing gutters and can be fixed by clearing out the gutters or adjusting them so that they slope away from the foundations.
Put the soil back, add more soil to obtain a gentle slope away from the foundation and tamp it firmly.
The only solution was to slope away from this picture of disaster and head for the wider country.
This is being broken at the moment and that Sian is unacceptable, creating a slippery slope away from the robust language policy adopted in 2010, when the new association was set up to take over the social housing stock in Gwynedd.
If it can be regraded to slope away from the foundation and covered with black plastic weighted down with stones or anchored with landscape staples (they look like croquet wickets), you should no longer have a problem in that area.
Starting from the centre of Castleton we walk in a westerly direction towards High Castleton and opposite the village primary school we turn left up a slope away from the main road.
Employees won't do as much work from home, goes the thinking, they'll start late, finish early, get distracted by their kids and slope away from the computer to watch the Olympics on telly.
The system lies under seven to 10 metres of water on a gradual underwater slope away from the manmade sea wall.
Green-fingered enthusiasts will appreciate the attractive landscaped gardens which slope away from the cottage, providing long range views.
As my friend, and soon-to-be Tablet Magazine blogger Jeffrey Goldberg rightly argued, "There is wall-to-wall opposition among American Jews toward this ridiculous law, and this opposition needs to be communicated to the prime minister and to the Knesset in very clear ways, before Israel slips further down the slope away from democracy." Contrast this with the fact that 47 percent of Israelis, according to a recent poll, support the bill (the same percentage that opposes it), and you'll see that we have a problem.
Once we accept means tested child benefit we begin the very slippery slope away from universal benefits.
If it is basically in good condition and there is a concrete contractor available who does slabjacking (also called mudjacking), it might be possible to give the slab a proper slope away from the house without breaking it up.