slop out

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slop out (of something)

[for a liquid] to spill or splash out of a container. some of the orange juice slopped out of the container, making a mess on the table. some milk slopped out. Please clean it up.
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Last month, the airgun killer of a two-year-old boy demanded pounds 93,000 for being forced to slop out.
THE mother of a murdered teenager has slammed the decision to pay pounds 44million compensation to cons forced to slop out.
PRISONERS forced to slop out while in jail are to be offered one-off compensation payments of pounds 7000.
Last month, the callous airgun killer of a two-year-old boy demanded pounds 93,000 compensation for being forced to slop out.
The SPS set aside the cash after a court awarded prisoner Robert Napier pounds 2,400 in April for having to slop out at Glasgow's Barlinnie jail.
Ministers blamed an 'administrative error' for the blunder, which means it is too late to appeal against the decision that prisoners forced to slop out are eligible to claim compensation.
They are among 800 inmates who claim they have been "traumatised and damaged" by being forced to slop out - collecting and dumping their own waste because there are no flush toilets in their cells.
DOESN'T it just make your heart bleed to think of that poor, degraded con who felt so ashamed at having to slop out in Barlinnie that he sued the Scottish Executive?
What about the nurses who have to slop out as part of their job?
MORE than 700 prisoners who are forced to slop out their cells have started legal proceedings against the Department of Justice.
They know the deal - if they don't want to slop out, don't commit the crime.
And now he is handing out free advice to seven prisoners at Saughton Prison who are claiming pounds 87,000 compensation for being made to slop out.
One in four convicts in Scots jails are still forced to slop out because they do not have access to proper sanitation.
TAXPAYERS could have to fork out up to pounds 58million in payouts and legal costs for prisoners forced to slop out in Scotland's jails.