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slop bowl

dated A bowl or other receptacle into which the dregs and leftovers of tea or coffee are collected from drinkers' cups (i.e., so that they may be refilled with a fresh drink). Tabitha, will you please come take the slop bowl away and empty it? It's becoming conspicuously full.
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slop around

1. [for someone] to splash around in a body of liquid, such as a bath. Timmy was in his bath, slopping around and singing. Bob is out in the pool, slopping around.
2. [for a liquid] to splash or rush around in a container. The water was slopping around in the bottom of the boat even though the lake we were traveling on was calm. There is some coffee left. I hear it slopping around in the bottom of the pot.
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slop out (of something)

[for a liquid] to spill or splash out of a container. some of the orange juice slopped out of the container, making a mess on the table. some milk slopped out. Please clean it up.
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slop over

[for a liquid] to splash out of or overflow a container. The milk slopped over and messed up the carpet. Her cup slopped over and spilled its contents on the kitchen table.
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slop something around

to spill portions of a liquid here and there. Don't slop the milk around as you pour it. Please don't slop around the paint while you work.
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slop something on(to) someone or something

to spill or splash a liquid onto someone or something. Don't slop the pancake batter onto yourself. Who slopped paint on the floor?
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slop something over something

to spill or splash some liquid onto something. He slopped the starting fluid over the charcoal and lit it. The artist slopped some grape juice over the canvas and proceeded to spread it around in an artistic fashion.
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Earp slop, bring the mop

tv. Someone has vomited. (Juvenile.) See what’s in the hall? Earp slop, bring the mop.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve never seen a senior citizen so inelegantly slopped as was Walter.
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n. bad beer; inferior liquor. Why do we have to drink slops like this? Can’t Tom afford to give his guests something decent?
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The WEnrtsilEn slop water treatment system has been made for treatment and clean water contaminated with slop or drilling mud.
PRISONERS forced to slop out while in jail are to be offered one-off compensation payments of pounds 7000.
Last month, the airgun killer of a two-year-old boy demanded pounds 93,000 for being forced to slop out.
Ministers blamed an 'administrative error' for the blunder, which means it is too late to appeal against the decision that prisoners forced to slop out are eligible to claim compensation.
Now Davis has put the University of California system in the same academic slop bucket as the public schools.
Last month, the callous airgun killer of a two-year-old boy demanded pounds 93,000 compensation for being forced to slop out.
The SPS set aside the cash after a court awarded prisoner Robert Napier pounds 2,400 in April for having to slop out at Glasgow's Barlinnie jail.
DOESN'T it just make your heart bleed to think of that poor, degraded con who felt so ashamed at having to slop out in Barlinnie that he sued the Scottish Executive?
Solano, the new spokesman for the American Cancer Society Skin Protection Federation, is asking sun worshipers to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen (SPF 15 and higher) and slap on a hat.
The tiny, gray cell in the former prison's isolation block contains only a metal slop bucket, a pile of worn, felt blankets and a tin plate, cup and spoon.
They are among 800 inmates who claim they have been "traumatised and damaged" by being forced to slop out - collecting and dumping their own waste because there are no flush toilets in their cells.
What about the nurses who have to slop out as part of their job?
MORE than 700 prisoners who are forced to slop out their cells have started legal proceedings against the Department of Justice.
One in four convicts in Scots jails are still forced to slop out because they do not have access to proper sanitation.