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slog (one's) guts out

To put a great amount of effort into something; to work very hard at something. I slogged my guts out for a few years as a court messenger for a legal firm while I finished up my law degree, and they eventually offered me a job as an attorney. There's nothing more disheartening than to slog your guts out on an assignment, only for the computer to crash and delete all your work.
See also: gut, out, slog

slog away

To work (on something) strenuously and continuously, especially for a long period of time. Sorry, I won't join you for lunch today—I've got too much to do, so I'm just going to keep slogging away. I've been slogging away at this report for the last three days. I'm just ready for it to be finished!
See also: away, slog

slog through

To work at or make progress through something at a sluggish, strenuous pace, especially for a long period of time. We had to slog through nearly a mile of swamp before we reached solid ground. I've been slogging through this really dense book about economic theory for my college course.
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slog through something

to wade or trudge through something, such as mud or snow. Do I have to slog through the snow to go to school? Can't you drive me? When I was your age, I slogged through snow twice this deep to get to school.
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work your guts out


flog your guts out


slog your guts out

If you work your guts out, flog your guts out or slog your guts out, you work very hard. These women were amazing. They worked their guts out from 7.30 to 4.30 every day, often all evening and weekend too if they had families. I've been slogging my guts out for months, trying to get this project finished.
See also: gut, out, work
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slog/sweat/work your ˈguts out

(informal) work very hard: I’ve slogged my guts out digging this ditch, and I’m completely exhausted.You sweat your guts out all your life and what do you get when you retire? Next to nothing. OPPOSITE: not do a stroke (of work)
See also: gut, out, slog, sweat, work

ˌslog/ˌslug it ˈout

(British English, informal) (of people, organizations, competitors, etc.) fight very hard until one person or group finally wins: The boxers slugged it out to the finish.The two teams will slog it out for second place.
In this idiom, slug and slog are both informal words meaning ‘to hit very hard’.
See also: out, slog, slug
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slog away

To work diligently for a lengthy period of time: The student slogged away on the algebra assignment.
See also: away, slog

slog through

To walk or progress through something with a slow heavy pace: The explorers slogged through the swamp. I slogged through both volumes of the author's philosophical writings.
See also: slog, through
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I have learnt to play the slog sweep from him and from a lot of other players who play it well."
Indeed, it was a hard slog for the smallest boats, with Hamish Maddern's Olfrygt the last to turn for home, at 9.30 am on Monday, some four and a half hours after Walk on the Wild Side had finished.
The 31-year-old star kicks off his new series of Patrick Kielty Almost Live this week but admits it's been a hard slog.
When Romney returned from Washington, he addressed the entire staff in a gathering at a plaza outside of SLOG headquarters.
All this despite the long slog out of the Asian crunch for even star economies in the region.
SLOG's goal is to realize a net decrease in pollution levels as a result of hosting the Games in Salt Lake City.
Senior researchers designate the burliest postdocs they can find to slog it out in a mud pit set up across the street from the White House.
Morning!' The General, laprobed and hooded, leans from his motor and waves his gloved hand and shouts cheerily to them as they slog past the car on the Bapaume road, taking the ditch to pass.
"I try to make subtle adaptations rather than trying to slog, because I always go into the net and have a bit of a slog and realise that I'm not any good at it," he said.
"The pre-season has been a slog, but an enjoyable slog and I can't wait to get started."
MICHAEL Dawson is ready and willing to lead Hull through what he admits will be a hard "slog" of a season in the Sky Bet Championship.
Richard Levi edged the first ball of the innings from Chris Wright, then David Willey skied a slog at Rikki Clarke.
After Ateeq Javid's opening over went for seven, Clarke struck with his first ball from the City End as Richard Levi went for a slog and missed.
We kick off with an E2 slog at 8.50 where Arun Green's Wario (T5) has a chance to show off his potential over this trip, writes Dave Johnston.
"The Long Slog: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nomination" is a discussion tackling the long lasting and vicious election that rolled out during the past year.