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slobber (all) over someone or something

to drool on someone or something. (See also slobber over something.) The dog slobbered over the child. It was just being friendly. Jenny has slobbered all over her dress.
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slobber over someone or something

Fig. to drool with delight or eagerness at the thought of someone or something. (Based on slobber over something. See also slobber (all) over someone or something.) Fred was slobbering over Donna as she lay sunbathing in a tiny bikini. Jamie was slobbering over Mary's new car.
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slobber over something

to drool with delight or eagerness before or while eating something. (See also slobber over someone or something.) The dog was slobbering over a chunk of meat when the cat came in and hissed at the dog.
See also: over, slobber


n. nonsense. (From the term for saliva running out of the mouth.) I’ve heard enough of your slobber. Can it!
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On the way, it becomes stronger, twice as big, peanut buttery, a lot more slobbery, and eventually sleepier, but always just as nice.
At the end of a long day, who doesn't enjoy coming home to a cold nose, a wagging tail and a slobbery kiss?
Its charm is its boundless energy and innocence - just like being pounced upon by a big, friendly slobbery dog.
You said he would play with me, but all he does is stick my toys in his mouth and get them all slobbery.
The Great Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog: A Folktale from Great Britain" is an imaginative retelling of a Beauty and the Beast British folk tale originally collected and retold in "A Dictionary of British Folk-Tales" by Katherine M.
Then he surprised his companion, who was speaking into her cell phone again, by grabbing her around the waist and giving her a long, slobbery kiss.
Not only will he be unable to identify the weakness in defences, he will lack the skills to expose them and will be left with but two options - bash the ball up once more or get those big slobbery chops of his round it.
With all of that anti-dog family history, you would think I'd be able to move toward my golden years free from the fear of leg wounds and slobbery socks.
Then maybe all four of us will volunteer at a hospital, those cute tails wagging for sick, bedridden children; those slobbery wet tongues licking weary, smiling little faces.
His snogs are really wet and slobbery and he tries to ram his tongue downmy throat, so I always try and avoid full on kissing.
Spiders, lifts, heights, thunder, slobbery dogs or even electricity.
That loyal, slobbery, lovable, wide-eyed, fur-lined bag of unconditional love?
A slobbery romanticism of the "Love me or I'll die" variety lured a succession of insecure women into Dick's surpassingly uneventful orbit.
There is still nothing more dispiriting than dressing like a slob because no-one is going to see you, even though definitions of slobbery have changed,' she advises.
Bulldogs naturally sit with their mouths hanging open, tongue dangling out and drooling like only slobbery dogs can.