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slobber (all) over (someone or something)

1. Literally, to allow saliva to fall from one's mouth onto someone or something. Can you please come in here and get your dog before he slobbers all over me? His toddler went around slobbering all over the expensive electronics in my house.
2. To be very excited about or interested in someone or something. My boyfriend has been slobbering over those fancy speakers at the store. You need to stop slobbering over every girl who comes into the bar.
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slobber (all) over someone or something

to drool on someone or something. (See also slobber over something.) The dog slobbered over the child. It was just being friendly. Jenny has slobbered all over her dress.
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slobber over someone or something

Fig. to drool with delight or eagerness at the thought of someone or something. (Based on slobber over something. See also slobber (all) over someone or something.) Fred was slobbering over Donna as she lay sunbathing in a tiny bikini. Jamie was slobbering over Mary's new car.
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slobber over something

to drool with delight or eagerness before or while eating something. (See also slobber over someone or something.) The dog was slobbering over a chunk of meat when the cat came in and hissed at the dog.
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n. nonsense. (From the term for saliva running out of the mouth.) I’ve heard enough of your slobber. Can it!
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Even if you can only take him out a couple times a week, he'll be all slobbery kisses with appreciation.
This Valentine's Day, consider your pets' unabashed adoration, slobbery kisses and enthusiastic tail wagging and enter Radio Beastro's “Unconditional Love Muffins” contest.
When 13-year-old Abby Walling comes home, she's greeted with slobbery licks from her dog.
When Jill's displeasure at Otis's slobbery antics waned, I moved The Humpmeister to a chain-link kennel, where he seemed reasonably content as long as the new love of his life was still in view.
On the way, it becomes stronger, twice as big, peanut buttery, a lot more slobbery, and eventually sleepier, but always just as nice.
At the end of a long day, who doesn't enjoy coming home to a cold nose, a wagging tail and a slobbery kiss?
Then Rachel wiped the slobbery ball on her jeans and tossed it to the umpire.
The orderly chaos of countless King and Royal Penguins on the beach and the din of the constant callings between chicks and adults who have returned after hunting in the sea was interrupted only by the slobbery snorts of the seals.
Its charm is its boundless energy and innocence - just like being pounced upon by a big, friendly slobbery dog.
The dog placed her one front paw onto the girl's shoulder and gave her a slobbery kiss.
You said he would play with me, but all he does is stick my toys in his mouth and get them all slobbery. I can't even have most of my favorite toys around him because they are too small, and he might eat them.
When Jocko brought home "sticks and tennis balls in his jaws" "slobbery stuff...I did not treat him as the father treated his prodigal son." Or regarding transcendence "It's like Jocko.
Not only will he be unable to identify the weakness in defences, he will lack the skills to expose them and will be left with but two options - bash the ball up once more or get those big slobbery chops of his round it.
With all of that anti-dog family history, you would think I'd be able to move toward my golden years free from the fear of leg wounds and slobbery socks.
"you didn't see your shadow so spring is coming soon." He gave Barnaby a big, slobbery kiss.