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slobber (all) over someone or something

to drool on someone or something. (See also slobber over something.) The dog slobbered over the child. It was just being friendly. Jenny has slobbered all over her dress.
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slobber over someone or something

Fig. to drool with delight or eagerness at the thought of someone or something. (Based on slobber over something. See also slobber (all) over someone or something.) Fred was slobbering over Donna as she lay sunbathing in a tiny bikini. Jamie was slobbering over Mary's new car.
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slobber over something

to drool with delight or eagerness before or while eating something. (See also slobber over someone or something.) The dog was slobbering over a chunk of meat when the cat came in and hissed at the dog.
See also: over, slobber


n. nonsense. (From the term for saliva running out of the mouth.) I’ve heard enough of your slobber. Can it!
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One hand making a rubbery pointing gesture against the glass, the other gathering slobber near his mouth, he turns his head and shrieks to his father, forty feet away, gathering vittles at the smorgasbord, "Smidovgorimtofloricamufff.
They also shy away from fellow animals, begin to slobber uncontrollably, and walk in circles.
and only if I never smell their breath and they don't jump up, slobber or sniff me in an area I usually only allow access to after the third date.
I was craving cakes and candy and would dream about them - then wake up with slobber all over the pillow
As far as I'm concerned, a man's best friend shouldn't slobber all over his face, defecate on his carpet or rub up against his leg in a suggestive manner.
I hope you won't mind but he tends to slobber a lot
obfbe Holly didn't jump up, or slobber, and her breath was positively fragrant.
And we're all for animal rights, but it would be nice if said animals would keep their paws, snouts and slobber to themselves.
As it happens, I do not slobber and smell and I sit quietly on my mum's knee and on the floor.
Why do I only slobber spaghetti bolognese when I'm wearing a white T-shirt?
She is a drooling monster and we have slobber all over the house, and Daisy's favourite food is scrambled egg.