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Finally, the constraints placed upon the employer to qualify for SLOB treatment are more objective than previous requirements under section 414(r) because the regulations contain more definitive and numerical guidelines.
However, can Tim and his fellow slobs actually keep up such a tiresome fitness regime?
The single most important rule for the slob is to maintain a high calorie count whilst avoiding all exercise.
He drank too much, then did stupid slob things - like getting a girl pregnant, then attempting to ditch her on the delivery table for an old school chum.
The final regulations provide a three-step process for determining whether an employer is operating an SLOB. First, the employer must determine how many lines of business it operates.
Labor intensive service businesses (e.g., restaurants) may have non-highly compensated, unskilled employees who become "management" under this definition causing a failure to qualify as a SLOB. Likewise, union employees of certain manufacturers may be deemed to be "management" under the proposed definition.
CROONER Michael Bubl has tarnished his clean-cut image by admitting he's the "biggest slob ever."
The supermodel was doing her best impression of Waynetta Slob when she snuck out for a sneaky cigarette in London this week.
London, May 7 (ANI): Supermodel Kate Moss reportedly got angry with her beau Jamie Hince when he nicknamed her 'Waynetta Slob'.
The mega-muscled wrestler, 21, reveals he used to be a fat slob when a sports injury left him bed-bound and caused his weight to rocket by eight stone in two years.
With the help of very special guests Sage, G-Man, Whitey, Melissa and Slob, many claim it's their best pour yet.
Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik is being blamed for turning his girlfriend, TV weather presenter Sian Lloyd, into a slob.
IMAGE: Lovable slob. BEST KNOWN FOR:Playing TV addict Jim in The Royle Family.
Dialogue which concerns mucky off-stage babies, the whereabouts of a pair of shoes or the absence of food in the fridge (the first wife we see is a slob) can tire very quickly.
Harry's co-star in his TV series, Kathy Burke, had left her Waynetta Slob outfit at home.