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slither along

to slink or crawl along. The snake slithered along, unmindful of our presence. A pair of otters slithered along playfully.
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slither away

to sneak or crawl away, like a snake. The little lizards slithered away soundlessly. The snake slithered away while Maggie was still screaming.
See also: away, slither
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His main competition for the top spot is the slithery Randall.
SNAKE specialist and TV reptile expert Peter Heathcote gets to grips with a slithery specimen before his visit to Coventry this weekend.
The slithery wedge shape of the Alfa 166, set off with stylish use of chrome to highlight the detail and topped off with snazzy alloy wheels, has created a most distinguished looking car.
Funny because the trio of David Gahan, Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore has replaced the usual slithery synths and hollow drum sounds with guitars, pedal steel and very real percussion.
And the race officials bowed to his pressure - giving him a short run-up to the slithery bricks.
Sadly there is no sign of these little "fellas" tonight, just slithery snakes.
Teena Lyle's falsetto vocals, slapping bongoes and shimmering vibraphone runs made her a major asset to the band, with Annie Whitehead's slithery trombone responsible for some of the most vigorous solos.
In the slithery vein, fishtails are popular, taken up by Valentino and others - including some New Yorkers such as Calvin Klein.
I also hate tripe - I don't like things that are slithery.
What is the slimy, slithery thing that creeps across the fair Alice's bedroom floor?
If any of those slithery, creepy crawlers are on your list, take heed.
SNAKE charming shoppers got the St Patrick's Day season off to a slithery start yesterday.
Bosses at Aberdeen Uni have banned him from sharing his flat at their halls of residence with his slithery pal.