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slither along

to slink or crawl along. The snake slithered along, unmindful of our presence. A pair of otters slithered along playfully.
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slither away

to sneak or crawl away, like a snake. The little lizards slithered away soundlessly. The snake slithered away while Maggie was still screaming.
See also: away, slither
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He devolves into hating his own spiel and becomes more and more desperate and slithery.
If this seems too slithery an experience for you, you could try some Geisha therapy instead.
Snake Manu pulls off this slithery stunt by poking one snake up each nostril.
The same critics were found plodding from pavilion to pavilion clutching in their sweaty hands ever increasing bundles of slithery pamphlets.
However, the tenant later recoiled from the shock and fear and complained to the police that the slithery landlord had threatened him with assault and bodily injury.
But the slithery Dumeril's ground boa, at left, seems to think true artists really get into their work.
C'mere and shoot a president," entices a slithery Proprietor (played by Shannon Stoeke) of both a carnival sideshow and a watering hole where the assassins gather.
Unlike the slithery things that pass for Labour MPs today, he was a true champion of Labour, a workers' MP on a worker's wage.
You don't get to the top of evolution's slithery pole without applying a certain degree of discrimination as well as enterprise.
Top speed for both is electronically restricted to 155mph although the coupe's slithery lines actually make it quicker under acceleration.
At the other end of its slithery body is a surprise: a powerful tail that looks like a shark's.
I try not to hold grudges, but I must admit I have never lost one ounce of rancor toward Henry Kissinger, that cynical, slithery, self-absorbed pathological liar.
SCARED mum Zoe Rangeley could not believe it when it turned out she was sharing her home with an unwanted guest - a slithery brown snake.
Shriveled, slithery, and wily, Gollum is one of the more memorable characters in the Lord of the Rings movies.