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slither along

to slink or crawl along. The snake slithered along, unmindful of our presence. A pair of otters slithered along playfully.
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slither away

to sneak or crawl away, like a snake. The little lizards slithered away soundlessly. The snake slithered away while Maggie was still screaming.
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SLITHERING AWAY J Garda goads snake into box in Dublin yesterday
The highly predatory snakehead whipped up a panic when it was first spotted slithering through Maryland waters in 2003.
The same with the antics I sometimes witnessed while the exorcisms were actually taking place, the flailing and slithering, the shrieking and moaning, the grimacing and growling--none of this, insofar as I could tell, suggested the presence of demons.
By not letting through requests that do not conform to the RFC standards for URLs, the e-Gap System ensures that Code Red II Worm has no chance of slithering through," said Joseph Steinberg, Whale's director of technical services.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Slithering Rope (100 Ft Roll)
The practice and rehearsals on slithering were initially carried out from a static platform.
Eventually we hope to have animals flying and slithering.
A FIVE-FOOT long snake was found slithering along Webster Avenue in Kenilworth, on Friday.
More rattlesnakes are slithering through farms and near hiking trails in California's coastal areas this summer, likely thanks to an explosion in the rodent population caused by heavy rains over the last two winters, agricultural and recreation officials say.
Local expert Michael Mann will be displaying giant millipedes, terrible tarantulas, hissing cockroaches and slithering snakes at Herrington Country Park, Sunderland, on Thursday, September 1.
The dance of genesis included squirming male totems, slithering primeval creatures, three women shimmering like ancient pointillist paintings, and--most striking of all--dancers with splinted limbs boogie-woogieing like stick spirits, both evil and good.
Or do these tangled tubes tend to wriggle through viscous fluids like small snakes slithering through mud?
Jean-Michel Othoniel's sulfur and wax heads and hands at Kohn/Abrams were more delicate than ominous; Kazuo Okazaki's tiny waves and rolls of plaster carefully balanced eroticism and elegance; Wastijn and Deschuymer's silly images of eels, mice, and spiders scampering and slithering across color copiers were amusingly unnatural; Rolf Walz's translucent version of monochromatic minimalism at Ruth Bloom was coldly pristine; and Joseph Santarromana's video of his sleeping body at Newspace was at once uneventful and strange.
Whimsical butterflies, trumpeting elephants, playful primates, snapping crocodiles, slithering snakes and other indigenous wildlife inhabit this authentic rain forest environment.
Tenders are invited for Slithering Rope Is An Essential Equipment For Heli Borne Operations During Conventional And Ci Ct Operations As Well As Rescue Operations Undertaken Through Helicopters