slip of the pen

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slip of the pen

An unintentional mistake in one's writing, such as incorrect spelling, word choice, or meaning. Whoops, I meant to tell my mother that she was welcome to call over next Monday, but I actually wrote "next month" instead. Oh well, she'll understand that it was just a slip of the pen. Now take your time while writing these test essays—you don't want a few slips of the pen to be the reason you get a lower grade!
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a slip of the pen

A slip of the pen is something you wrote by mistake. The translator dated his letter `Plymouth 1 June 1618'. This is wrong, and probably a slip of the pen for 11 June.
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slip of the pen (or the tongue)

a minor mistake in writing (or speech).
The equivalent Latin phrases, lapsus calami and lapsus linguae , are also sometimes used in formal English.
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a slip of the ˈtongue/ˈpen

a small mistake when speaking or writing: Did I say North Street? Sorry, that was a slip of the tongue — I meant South Street.
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Possibly these follies were just slips of the pen, but how are readers to know?
In transcribing such evidence from the municipal sources there is room for slips of the pen and misreadings induced by tired eyes.
The most common slips of the pen detected by Radley were "pen lifts" and retouches, with other examples marred by shakiness and other faults.
A press release for Velvet toilet tissue had our newsroom in stitches of laughter this week for what has to go down as one of the most stunning slips of the pen this year.
The marking is done most carefully for those near the borderline, and obvious slips of the pen are not penalised.
There are some trivial slips of the pen, such as the reference on p.