slip back

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slip back

1. To move accidentally out of a particular position and back to a previous one. The latch covering the control panel keeps slipping back. We'll need to fasten it in place somehow.
2. To return to a previous or lower position of value, especially unexpectedly. The stock jumped up on Sunday, before slipping back into negative territory.
3. To return something to a previous or rightful location, especially surreptitiously or inconspicuously. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "slip" and "back." I took my mom's phone out of her wallet and slipped it back as soon as I had made the phone call. I didn't feel comfortable accepting the gift, so I slipped the money back in my dad's wallet when he wasn't looking.
4. To return to some location, especially surreptitiously or inconspicuously. I snuck out to go to my friend's party, hoping to slip back without my parents noticing. We'd better slip back to the office before we get in trouble with the boss.
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slip something back

1. to pull or place something back. Alice slipped the gearshift lever back and away they went. She slipped back the gearshift and sped away.
2. to return something secretively. Someone took my wallet away and slipped it back later. The thief slipped back my wallet, but the money was gone.
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slip back (to someone or something)

to move quietly and cautiously back to someone or something. Walter slipped back to Sally when her parents weren't looking. He slipped back and then Mary's parents slipped back, and there was quite a scene.
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References in classic literature ?
"Thank you, sir," was all he said as he slipped back into the darkness.
Also, I was very thankful as I put the gun away and slipped back on deck.
But the two Folk merely slipped back and forth through the connecting crevice and eluded him.
Once a beautiful flower put its head out from the grass, but when it saw the notice-board it was so sorry for the children that it slipped back into the ground again, and went off to sleep.
In this I was whipped into the air and set down again on the deck, where the captain stood ready waiting for me, and instantly slipped back his arm under mine.
I went up the bank about fifty yards, and then I doubled on my tracks and slipped back to where my canoe was, a good piece below the house.
Twice, barely started, Jerry slipped back, and more boys, awakened by their fellows, sat up and enjoyed his plight.
Eventually, however, Avonlea school slipped back into its old groove and took up its old interests.
Again and again he slipped back from sheer exhaustion and would have fallen to the floor of the canyon but for merest chance.
When the sun was fairly down, we slipped back to the hotel in the charitable gloaming, and went to bed again.
Baggs tried to follow me, for I heard the door rattle, as if she had got out of her chair, and suddenly slipped back into it again.
In a dark passage this guide struck a match, and, holding it close to his face, slipped back his mask.
Again and again he slipped back, losing all that he had gained, while the lion kept steadily at his climbing, coming ever closer and closer to the ape-man.
My Dog-man imperceptibly slipped back to the dog again; day by day he became dumb, quadrupedal, hairy.
For a moment she hung there with her decks at an angle of forty-five degrees--then, with a sullen, rending sound, she slipped back into the sea and righted.