slip trolley

slip (one's) trolley

1. slang To become insane; to go mad. Usually used jocularly or sarcastically. You've slipped your trolley if you think that plan will work! My poor granny is starting to slip her trolley. She called me Darlene the other day—that's the name of her dead cat!
2. slang To become uncontrollably angry. My parents are going to slip their trolley if they find out I took the car without asking! Cool it, man—don't slip your trolley. We'll find a way to get it working again.
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slip one's trolley

Sl. to become a little crazy; to lose one's composure. I was afraid I would slip my trolley. He slipped his trolley and went totally bonkers.
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To identify the "vessel with launching trolleys" complex object motion parameters, required is the preliminary calculation of vessel mass distribution over the slip trolleys and the complex object mass center to determine basic parameters (the basic trolley k number and value dz).