slip through (one's) fingers

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slip through (one's) fingers

1. To narrowly avoid being caught, captured, or maintained in custody by one, usually due to cunning or trickery by the one being pursued. The officers very nearly apprehended the suspect, but he slipped through their fingers at the last second. We had the cell guarded by three people, but she still managed to slip through our fingers somehow.
2. To narrowly fail to be attained, achieved, or seized upon by one. I had a chance to be a part of a Broadway musical once, but I was too unsure of myself and the opportunity slipped through my fingers. We've been training too hard to let another championship title slip through our fingers again this year!
See also: finger, slip, through

slip through someone's fingers

1. Lit. to slide through and out of one's grasp. The glass slipped through his fingers and crashed to the ground. The rope slipped through his fingers and followed the anchor to the bottom of the lake.
2. Fig. to escape from someone; to elude someone's capture or control. The prisoner slipped through the sheriff's fingers. Don't let Max slip through your fingers again this time!
See also: finger, slip, through

slip through your fingers

COMMON If you let something slip through your fingers, you fail to get it or keep it. If your income is greater than your expenses, don't let it slip through your fingers! Hire a good investment counselor and keep your money safe. You mustn't allow a golden opportunity to slip through your fingers or you will regret it later.
See also: finger, slip, through

slip through somebody’s ˈfingers

(of an opportunity, money, etc.) escape or be missed: I wouldn’t let a wonderful opportunity like this slip through your fingers if I were you.
See also: finger, slip, through
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Communities Secretary Eric Pickles targeted local councils for letting money slip through their fingers by wasting cash on too many lobbyists, lawyers and communications teams.
But, frankly, others are bleating about the difficulties they face while letting money slip through their fingers.
Year after year, city officials have let millions slip through their fingers in waste while residents went begging for better services.