slip past

slip (something) past (one)

1. To attempt to cause one to accept, overlook, or not notice something through stealth, trickery, or deception. You can't slip anything past my dad—he's like a bloodhound whenever we try to get away with something! They tried to slip the stolen goods past the guards by hiding them inside a food trolley.
2. To score a point by getting a ball, puck, or similar object beyond an opponent. The striker slipped the ball past the keeper with a brilliant shot to the corner of the net. Despite the team's fantastic defensive display, the Red Wings' forward managed to slip the puck past the goalie with just two seconds left on the clock.
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slip past (someone or something)

1. To circumvent or circumnavigate someone or something in a surreptitious or inconspicuous manner; to avoid or evade someone or something. The criminal slipped past the police roadblock undetected. I cornered the thief, but he managed to slip past me.
2. To sneak or smuggle someone or something (to or through some place) without being noticed or scrutinized by someone or something else. My brother and his friends tried to slip me past the bouncer so I could go in and have a beer with them, but he checked our IDs and turned me away. The company has been fined $3.5 million for slipping a number of safety defects past regulators.
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slip someone or something past someone or something

to cause someone or something to move past someone or something unnoticed; to manage to get something past the scrutiny of someone. I slipped another one of my friends past the usher into the theater. Do you think I can slip this sausage past the customs officers? I slipped a note past the guard.
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slip past someone or something

to sneak or move past someone or something unnoticed. It is impossible to slip past the armed guards and metal detectors. Do you think lean slip past the doorway without being seen?
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References in classic literature ?
Thus cursed Zarathustra impatiently in his heart, and considered how with averted look he might slip past the black man.
He felt, however, that great prudence was necessary, or he himself might become the victim of some enchantment; and he was thankful to slip past the dragons, and enter a beautiful park, with clear streams and sweet flowers, and a crowd of men and maidens.
As soon as he grabs me the rest of you can slip past him, out of his reach, and he will soon let me go because I am not fit to eat."
As to countenance--a wizened, wrinkled, sunburned face, and long, sleek locks of scanty gray hair; as to character--an incredible mixture of homely sense and sheer silliness; of a rich man's overbearing ways, and a total lack of manners; just the kind of husband who is almost entirely led by his wife, yet imagines himself to be the master; apt to domineer in trifles, and to let more important things slip past unheeded--there you have the man!
These and most other earthquakes in the region result from the movement of two great crustal blocks that slowly slip past one another.
"Our best guess at the moment is that the penetration enhancer [temporarily] loosens the binding of proteins between cells,' letting the hormone slip past.
The Senate panel recommended the filing of charges against resigned Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon and several other officials for allowing the illegal drug shipment to slip past the BOC.
Both faults are known as strike-slip faults: tectonic plates slip past each other horizontally like a pair of trains passing in opposite directions (see diagram, p.
Most tremors there occur in the top 12 km of the crust as opposite sides of the fault slip past each other.
Malolos Mighty Bulsu leaned on the duo of Mark Pangilinan and Dominic Fajardo to slip past Quezon City University of the Philippines, 75-74, Tuesday night for its third win in the Filsports Basketball Association Second Conference at Trinity University of Asia Gym.
Alternatively, the condition may result from antibodies that slip past the placenta.
The two plates lock together, building up strain for hundreds of years until they suddenly slip past each other, generating a massive shudder.
Sforza turned superbly to slip past Rio at the edge of the box after Raphael Wicky had hit a dangerous pass.
The large quakes that struck in 1981 and 1989 reflect this motion because the ruptures occurred along vertical faults that allow the plates to slip past each other.
"The Prime Minister seems to be trying to slip no-deal through, slip past Parliament and slip past the British people" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he will call for a vote of no confidence in the Government this autumn in an attempt to stop a no-deal Brexit.