slip past

slip past (someone or something)

1. To circumvent or circumnavigate someone or something in a surreptitious or inconspicuous manner; to avoid or evade someone or something. The criminal slipped past the police roadblock undetected. I cornered the thief, but he managed to slip past me.
2. To sneak or smuggle someone or something (to or through some place) without being noticed or scrutinized by someone or something else. My brother and his friends tried to slip me past the bouncer so I could go in and have a beer with them, but he checked our IDs and turned me away. The company has been fined $3.5 million for slipping a number of safety defects past regulators.
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slip someone or something past someone or something

to cause someone or something to move past someone or something unnoticed; to manage to get something past the scrutiny of someone. I slipped another one of my friends past the usher into the theater. Do you think I can slip this sausage past the customs officers? I slipped a note past the guard.
See also: past, slip

slip past someone or something

to sneak or move past someone or something unnoticed. It is impossible to slip past the armed guards and metal detectors. Do you think lean slip past the doorway without being seen?
See also: past, slip
References in classic literature ?
Thus cursed Zarathustra impatiently in his heart, and considered how with averted look he might slip past the black man.
He felt, however, that great prudence was necessary, or he himself might become the victim of some enchantment; and he was thankful to slip past the dragons, and enter a beautiful park, with clear streams and sweet flowers, and a crowd of men and maidens.
As soon as he grabs me the rest of you can slip past him, out of his reach, and he will soon let me go because I am not fit to eat.
As to countenance--a wizened, wrinkled, sunburned face, and long, sleek locks of scanty gray hair; as to character--an incredible mixture of homely sense and sheer silliness; of a rich man's overbearing ways, and a total lack of manners; just the kind of husband who is almost entirely led by his wife, yet imagines himself to be the master; apt to domineer in trifles, and to let more important things slip past unheeded--there you have the man!
They found probable cause where there is none, and was not even able to prosecute a single government official who may have had a hand at letting the biggest drug shipment in the history of the Philippines slip past our customs," the motion further reads.
Bam criticized authorities for allowing the shipment of 600 kilos of shabu slip past their watch.
Don't let this opportunity slip past you, call today.
Heinz Harald Frentzen had a bad start and left the door open for Alesi to take the lead, Johnny Herbert and Gianni Morbidelli also took the opportunity to slip past, leaving Frentzen in fourth.
Frankie Unwin put in some good yards to slip past the opposition for a try and defended well earning him best tackler award.
The Rock Around the Clock star had to disguise his face behind a hat and dark glasses to slip past the throng, after performing to more than 5,000 screaming fans at the Gaumont Theatre.
When the stress increases enough along these rock bound aries, the rocks slip past one another and an earthquake occurs.
local time, deep beneath the seafloor west of Sumatra, two of Earth's tectonic plates began to slip past one another, releasing stress that had built up between the overlapping slabs for decades.
THE Red Rose county can justifiably be called bottlers after they allowed Surrey to slip past them in the first Twenty20 Cup semi-final at Edgbaston on Saturday.
An anonymous GOP senator has blocked a bill to ban plastic guns which terrorists could slip past airport metal detectors.