slip off

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slip something off

to let an item of clothing slide off one's body; to remove an item of clothing easily or casually. He slipped his coat off and put it on a chair. she slipped off her shoes and relaxed.
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slip off (to some place)

to sneak away to some place. Judy and Jeff slipped off to the movies unnoticed. They slipped off and no one saw them leave.
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slip off

((of) someone or something) to fall away from or off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The jacket slipped off of Sally, but she grabbed it before it hit the floor. she hung the jacket on the back of the chair, but it slipped off.
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slip off

To remove some article of clothing quickly or easily: They slipped off their shoes. I reached for my ring and slipped it off.
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Kate asked Wartski, who made the ring, to make it a size smaller so it didn't slip off," the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying.
HE was voted the world's sexiest vegetarian but even Chris Martin can slip off the wagon - he's now confessed to eating duck.
Less doting is Leontine's husband, Monsieur Duchotel (Caulfield), whose frequent ``hunting trips'' are actually ruses allowing him to slip off to Paris to see a mistress.
And 12 runs later Gillespie was caught by Brian Lara at slip off Nixon Mclean for 23.
Fifteen to 30 minutes later, the peel will slip off as cleanly as a tangerine's, Baker says.
During a jury demonstration, Phillip Raker, a former Manager of Product Safety for Polaris, installed the actual handgrip from Brauser's ATV on a set of handlebars to demonstrate its tight fit -- proving the handgrip could not slip off and therefore no defect.
They will slip off and do something quite discreet.
BREAST PALS: Alicia Douvall and D-Side's Dane Guidan slip off to a club together; LIP SERVICE: Pair kiss in London club
But you can't stop thinking about Gilbert and the confidence it takes to keep firing away as your shots continue to clank off the iron, slip off the rim or, in one case, tick off the bottom left corner of the backboard.
You slip off a rock into water over your head, and your foot is caught between two rocks," said Tsuneyoshi.
He tells us: "Life hasn't changed that much - I can still slip off to the boozer when I want to.
A source said: "They are extremely private and just wanted to slip off and do it without any fuss.
And while one gets to be belle of the ball at the inaugural, the other must pick up his tattered corset and slip off to plow the red soil of Tara till 2004.
The Durango, which remains threaded at all times so that it cannot slip off of the user's wrist, allows disabled users of handheld devices to have the unprecedented security and convenience of a hands-free computer.
The South Africans will rue handing Tillakaratne a life on 35 when Jacques Kallis put down a fast, head high chance at second slip off captain Shaun Pollock.