slip of the tongue

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slip of the tongue

A small mistake made when speaking. I accidentally called John by his brother's name. It was just a slip of the tongue. The news anchor's innocent slip of the tongue has gone viral, of course.
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slip of the tongue

an error in speaking in which a word is pronounced incorrectly, or in which the speaker says something unintentionally. I didn't mean to tell her that. It was a slip of the tongue. I failed to understand the instructions because the speaker made a slip of the tongue at an important point.
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a slip of the tongue

A slip of the tongue is something that you said by mistake. At one stage he referred to her as James's `fiancée' but later said that was a slip of the tongue and that they were not formally engaged.
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a slip of the ˈtongue/ˈpen

a small mistake when speaking or writing: Did I say North Street? Sorry, that was a slip of the tongue — I meant South Street.
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Some may think that Hong made a slip of the tongue, but many others believe that he made such controversial remarks, dubbed "blunt and absurd words," as a red-baiting tactic to rally conservatives in the upcoming local elections.
VIEWERS SEEM especially to love "Slip of the Tongue," relishing its mood and lack of overt message as a welcome contrast to Okwui Enwezor's "All the World's Futures," which (while substantive) has struck some as too gloomy and programmatic.
DOUBLE STANDARD: Ron Atkinson is paying for his slip of the tongue but Trevor McDonald, below left, was allowed to criticise Bernard Manning, below
However, this slip of the tongue is reminiscent of another slip of the tongue by President George Bush when he spoke of a Crusade war against the Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11.
Mr Blair's official spokesman insisted that the Defence Secretary's comment had been no more than 'a slip of the tongue'.
During a Vancouver radio interview, Paul Martin, Canada's Prime Minister, defended his involvement in the legislation of same-sex "marriage" by stating, rather tersely, that "what I've got to do is take the widest perspective possible." Given the temper of the times and the perspective of the Prime Minister, this is neither a slip of the tongue nor a careless remark.
Given the fashion in which America's foreign policy establishment repeatedly uses the same game plan--with only the names of the players and locations changing--it was an easy slip of the tongue to make, even for someone as plugged-in to the Establishment as Mr.
''It was apparently a slip of the tongue. People took notice of the comments, but they weren't encouraged to sell the dollar,'' Tanase said.
Julie Wenton-Parry, of South Liverpool Personnel - which finds jobs for people from ethnic minorities - said: "It was derogatory and offensive, not just a slip of the tongue."
- Microsoft Corp's cross-examination team cut short its questioning of Felten not long after it became clear the Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson had become annoyed with Heiner's line of questioning which appeared to be directed at getting Felten to make a slip of the tongue. The judge voiced astonishment when he learnt that Microsoft had modified its product (namely the Windows Update site) so that it made the prototype removal program incompatible with the web site even after it had reviewed Felten's program and after Felten had written his testimony, - Some in Washington are suggesting that Professor Edward Felten's prototype removal program should be made publicly available, given that it was created using tax payers' money.
O'Connor of New York said he made a "slip of the tongue" when he expressed the hope that Sen.
Or one recalls the sad fate of several of Frank Sinatra's former associates, consigned to the depths in cement shoes for an innocent slip of the tongue.
But a butterfly is a slip of the tongue for 'flutter by.'
Nobel-prize-winning particle physicist Murray Gell-Mann remembers making a discovery about strange particles through a slip of the tongue during a lecture.
Amidst the heat, comedian Jeremy McLellan tried to make everyone laugh by changing his name to 'Jeremy McLellan Sahiba' and saying, 'Imran Khan saying 'Bilawal Bhutto Sahiba' was obviously a slip of the tongue. People will criticize her for anything.