slip of the pen

slip of the pen

An unintentional mistake in one's writing, such as incorrect spelling, word choice, or meaning. Whoops, I meant to tell my mother that she was welcome to call over next Monday, but I actually wrote "next month" instead. Oh well, she'll understand that it was just a slip of the pen. Now take your time while writing these test essays—you don't want a few slips of the pen to be the reason you get a lower grade!
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a slip of the pen

A slip of the pen is something you wrote by mistake. The translator dated his letter `Plymouth 1 June 1618'. This is wrong, and probably a slip of the pen for 11 June.
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slip of the pen (or the tongue)

a minor mistake in writing (or speech).
The equivalent Latin phrases, lapsus calami and lapsus linguae , are also sometimes used in formal English.
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a slip of the ˈtongue/ˈpen

a small mistake when speaking or writing: Did I say North Street? Sorry, that was a slip of the tongue — I meant South Street.
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References in classic literature ?
I read and reread her letter, on the chance that some slip of the pen might furnish the clew which I had failed to find in any other way.
Maybe this was a careless slip of the pen, the result of an unintentional, unthinking moment.
The retired painter said he selected Multellie, the favourite in the 2.30 at Pontefract in July, thanks to a "slip of the pen".
It is neither a slip of tongue nor a slip of the pen. The Indian media and its pundits mean business.
It is such a position that the Minister of Law Zahid Hamid currently finds himself in.The hornets' nest was initially stirred back in October when, through a detrimental slip of the pen, the Election Bill was altered in a manner believed by some to be blasphemous.
It treated the mistake as if it were a mere typographical error or slip of the pen that did not deserve closer evaluation.
I'm sure it was a slip of the pen though Steve Walter - Poole, Dorset Fiona: And you, Steve Walter, are spot on - a slip of the computer keys it was, in a rush to bring you my magnificent page on time!
A slip of the pen - or more likely a click of the mouse - brought down a company that survived two world wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s and the many recessions we have suffered post war.
When, in his most recent letter, Mr May makes reference to having seen Raich Carter play for Hull City at Redheugh Park during the 1957/58 season, I suspect he has been guilty of a slip of the pen, or maybe the keyboard, in that he meant instead to have referred to the 1947/48 season.
Was it merely a slip of the pen to state that whereas Japanese beet workers earned 30-40 cents a day, white workers earned $3 to $4 an hour?
Think this was a slip of the pen (or word processor).
It may have just been a slip of the pen from Dr Wakefield, but such comments can come back and haunt you.
She stressed the importance of the accurateness of documentation, that Nil or N/A had been written and that no space had a line through it, which could have been written by anybody or a mistaken slip of the pen, leaving no opening for misinterpretation.
This slip of the pen occurred in our November 11 Family History page.
You could put it down to a hangover or a slip of the pen.