slip from

slip from (something)

To not have enough friction to maintain a grip on something and fall away from it as a result. I thought the vase would be all right on the shelf, but it was at a bit of an angle and ended up slipping from it about 20 minutes later. A: "Jack slipped from the roof and broke his arm!" B: "I warned him that the tiles up there would be wet and slippery."
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slip from something

to fall away from something; to lose one's step or grasp and fall from something. He slipped from the top step and fell down the other three. Ted slipped from the stool and fell on the floor.
See also: slip
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In previous work, a theoretical model for determining longitudinal tire slip from striation marks was developed [1].
The next Sew News Sew-Along begins on March 2, 2015 featuring the lovely Valentine Slip from Sew Chic.
Derivation of Interface Slip from Longitudinal Strain Profile at Midspan
If the surface slip layer is lost, it usually gets replenished by slip from the bulk of the film.