slip back

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slip something back

1. to pull or place something back. Alice slipped the gearshift lever back and away they went. She slipped back the gearshift and sped away.
2. to return something secretively. Someone took my wallet away and slipped it back later. The thief slipped back my wallet, but the money was gone.
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slip back (to someone or something)

to move quietly and cautiously back to someone or something. Walter slipped back to Sally when her parents weren't looking. He slipped back and then Mary's parents slipped back, and there was quite a scene.
See also: back, slip
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A spirited revival brought them their first win and a gritty run of just one defeat in five back in October and lifted them out of the basement but a run of four defeats in five has seen them slip back into the mire.
He indicated that inflation would rise above the 2% target in the short term, but was likely to slip back by the end of the year.
They have gone seven games without victory in a costly winter wobble that has seen them slip back into mid-table.
doesn't think the nation will slip back into recession over the next several years.
Harrington was one of several players to bogey the difficult par-four 18th, three-putting for a 67 to slip back into second with Thailand's Prayad Marksaeng.
Parkin has been out for a month and Swindon have not scored in the last three matches to slip back into mid-table.
LONDON shares continued to slip back yesterday, pulled down by tech stocks which were hit by falls on the US markets.
He added: "If we were to slip back, I believe we would slip back to something worse than before.
Should the stock slip back beneath this region, it could provide yet another hurdle for the shares to overcome, making a resumption of an uptrend that is much more difficult for the equity.
Even though job growth is slowing, consumer confidence nationwide dropping and personal income declining, Southern California is still not poised to slip back into a recession.
Action is needed before we slip back to the mass unemployment of the 1980s.
Would your ferocious little darling like to slip back in time - say several million years?
With the PDA-version, it's easy to quickly locate the information you're looking for, it's incorporated into a PDA device many physicians are already using and it's easy to slip back into your pocket when not in use," said Ramos.
The latest batch of economic news released Thursday reinforced the notion among analysts that the economy, while advancing fitfully, probably will not slip back into recession.
Poor recent results in the qualifiers for Japan/ Korea 2002 have seen them slip back into second place.