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COF decreases with time after a film is formed as the slip migrates from the bulk to the surface until equilibrium is reached between the surface and the bulk.
Introducing Incromax PET 100 slip additive for PET and PBT film, sheet, and injection molding.
As the walkers slip and slide, eight video cameras record their movements in three dimensions.
Participants reporting alcohol or drug use in the past 30 days had a reduced likelihood of having a male condom slip (0.
It is very important that you contact the hard hat manufacturer before attaching the packing slip to the inside of the hard hat.
Do not use staples, tape, or paper clips to attach the check to the remittance slip.
Iain Saville, head of business process reform for Lloyd's, indicated the market would work with brokers and the market to increase both the quality and use of the new slips.
Caution: Remind your client the supplier can manipulate the data on a packing slip to suit its needs.
Oates says if the application is approved the marina could provide slips for 75 plus boats.
According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), more than one million people are seriously injured as the result of slip and falls each year.
Sarah Sze's Many a Slip, 1999, differs from most sculpture in that it bears watching as much as being looked at.
TOFFEE COLOURED underwired slip, pounds 20 by Marks and Spencer.