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slink around

to creep or slither around furtively. The cat slunk around, waiting for a chance to get at the bird. Don't slink around like that. Someone is likely to take you for a robber.
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slink away

to creep or slither away furtively. The fox slunk away, leaving the henhouse as quietly as such a thing is possible. I hope that the skunk will slink away as quietly as it came.
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slink in(to something)

to creep into something. The cat slunk into the hallway and lay down in the middle of the floor. I left the door ajar and a cat slunk in.
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slink off

to creep away furtively. Carl was embarrassed and tried to slink off, but the ushers spotted him. The boys slunk off from the picnic and smoked some cigarettes.
See also: off, slink

slink out (of some place)

to creep out of some place furtively. The fox slunk out of the henhouse just as the farmer came out. It slunk out and got away.
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slink away

Also, slink off. Depart furtively, as in The shoplifter slipped an item into his coat pocket and slunk away, or After that severe scolding, she slunk off. This term employs slink in the sense of "move stealthily," a usage dating from the late 1300s.
See also: away, slink
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I think I will slink off now and hope no-one noticed.
Piano exceeds expectations with a swelling glazed protuberance, five storeys high, that slinks around a more conventional orthogonal block, enfolding it in a sinuous, shimmering embrace.
There slinks into the culture an almost imperceptible assumption that the institution knows all the answers (or it would not have become an institution), will always receive business and is entitled to more for what it has accomplished.
JIM Davis's cartoon strip chronicling the exploits of an overweight cat slinks jauntily on to DVD.
The Danish choreographer slinks into gigantic animal lunges and then collapses into paper-doll narrowness.
At the end of each round, players vote off one of their fellow contestants, who then slinks away as Robinson utters her infamous admonition.
He slinks around as if he's John Wayne but he's just a big softie.
Nothing distracts from the swell and shimmer of the sleek blue surface that slinks enticingly through the gloom and dourness of the city.