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hash slinger

A cook or a waitress, especially at a diner or cheap restaurant. ("Hash," in this sense, refers to a dish or stew of chopped meat and vegetables, not hashish.) Primarily heard in US. I worked as a hash slinger for several years to pay my way through college.
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slang A writer, especially one who produces a large amount of low-quality material for a living. I spent a lot of time after college as an ink-slinger for various newspapers and magazines while working on my first novel.
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n. a cook, waiter, or waitress in a hash-house. I worked as a hash-slinger in an all-night diner.

ink slinger

n. a professional writer; a newspaper reporter. The ink slingers have been at the candidates again.
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"Our goal with this website was to build a high-quality website that is loaded with functionality and useful tools that clearly demonstrates the variety of Slingers we manufacturer," said Conveyor Application Systems, Director of Sales & Marketing-Don Lindsey.
Unlike Slinger, whose bile and antagonism towards his mother is blistering from their first exchange.
However, the genuine 'kit slinger' is not perhaps the moody or sulky character you may think.
Finite Solutions Inc, 4769 Highland Park Drive, Slinger, WI, 53086-9441 tel: 262/644-0785 fax: 262/364-2537#
On October 11, 2005, Joey Slinger, columnist with the Toronto Star, wrote that the Catholic Church's tax exempt status should be removed if the Pope decides that Catholic politicians who support abortion and same-sex "marriage" cannot receive communion.
Rumors are flying about whether he will hook up with one of the prominent shoe companies working thereabouts or a locally situated snowboard slinger. Veteran lensman Bill Parr astounded all recently when he fled his family's D Bar Ranch in Malibu and showed up in Seattle.
Spidey/Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is hack in director Sam Raimi's sequel, and Marvel comics' web slinger is having a serious vocation crisis.
Features include O-ring seals to eliminate dust leaks at potential penetration points, housing seals with a shaft slinger and seal to prevent abrasive dust from entering the bearing, and motor insulation for operation between 0[degrees] and 135[degrees]C.
Moreover, two of the three cases described by Slinger et al.
A cocktail then was more commonly known as a "bittered sling." It was common practice in the pre-Civil War South to consume the first "slinger," usually a mint julep in the morning for strength.
Features include ANSI or metric flange connections, air- or water-cooled designs, mechanical or slinger seals, and belt- or direct--drive motor options, TEFG or explosion-proof.
Users can specify air- or water-cooled designs, mechanical or slinger seals, and belt or direct-drive options.
"If Slinger's doin' the cookin,' the cook ain't the only one who's gonna be sick today," Slick said.