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hash slinger

A cook or a waitress, especially at a diner or cheap restaurant. ("Hash," in this sense, refers to a dish or stew of chopped meat and vegetables, not hashish.) Primarily heard in US. I worked as a hash slinger for several years to pay my way through college.
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slang A writer, especially one who produces a large amount of low-quality material for a living. I spent a lot of time after college as an ink-slinger for various newspapers and magazines while working on my first novel.


n. a cook, waiter, or waitress in a hash-house. I worked as a hash-slinger in an all-night diner.

ink slinger

n. a professional writer; a newspaper reporter. The ink slingers have been at the candidates again.
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So don't order anything complicated or else Slinger will try to cook it like he did when he was a world renowned chef years ago, and you all will be here all day and I couldn't stand that.
It's super easy to pitch when your team puts runs on right from the beginning,'' Slinger said.
AIS Training already offers the OPITO level 1 and 2 banksman slinger qualifications.
Jonathan Slinger as Hamlet at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to serve as a functional accessory for cell phone users, The Slinger, has been developed by Russell Emmitt of Columbus, Indiana.
Patrick Keane told an inquest he had made checks with the safety department of A&P Tees who assured him Kevin Watson had his certificates to work as a slinger and banksman.
Features include stainless steel housing, conduit box (welded to the motor), conduit box cover, shaft, base, fan cover and slinger.
It's the birthplace of Jonathan Slinger, a rising star in the Royal Shakespeare Company who is proving a key performer in Michael Boyd's epic staging of the complete history plays.
Malinga the Slinger, as he is known due to his unusual action, would add some speed to a one-paced bowling attack which claimed only six wickets in four sessions during the First Test.
Director William Slinger said: "As a dairy farmer I'm aware that the best hope to get a fair price for milk is for customers to buy an identifiable brand, which we have now established.
Wilson co-wrote seven of the songs on the 11-track set, including the autobiographical ``Not Bad for a Bartender'' in which the 32-year-old singer takes pride in having ascended from eighth-grade dropout-turned-drink slinger to bona fide star.
Judge Edward Slinger told him ``All sentencing options, including the possibility of an immediate custodial sentence, remain open''.
Also said to be in the metal sculpting process for Cadillac Jack is a hybridized, stretched, nosed, rounded, channeled mid-century Caddy that is being created by the notorious ink slinger Baby Ray.