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slim chance

a slight chance; a small chance. There is a slim chance that I will arrive on Monday, but Tuesday is more likely.
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slim down

to become thinner; to lose weight. You have really slimmed down a lot since I last saw you. I need to eat less so I can slim down. He slimmed down quite a bit after he had his health problem.
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slim someone down

to cause someone to lose weight. They started to slim her down in the hospital, but she gained the weight back as soon as she got out. The dietitian slimmed down all the patients under his care.
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slim pickings

A small amount left after others have taken a share. For example, After each of the children took what they wanted of Mother's things, it was slim pickings for the rest of the family . This expression alludes to animals devouring a carcass. [Early 1600s]
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slim down

To lose weight, as by dieting or exercise: I was overweight, so I decided to slim down.
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iceberg slim

1. n. a pimp. When iceberg slim came by in his pimpmobile, Jed made a rude sign at him.
2. n. a person who exploits others; a cold, heartless person. The guy’s a regular iceberg slim.
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n. a tobacco cigarette. (The same as straight, as opposed to a marijuana cigarette, which may be thicker.) I’ll take a slim and a little mist, thanks.
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In any rate, the issue which I began with, with the clever young anchorwoman, was slimness, not fatness, but then I was overwhelmed by my sense of national belonging.
The Sociocultural Measure of Body Weight/Shape (SMBWS; Delaney, O'Keefe, & Skene, 1997) is a 40-item questionnaire containing five subscales: weight dissatisfaction, slimness as quality of life, interpersonal messages regarding slimness, rejecting societal values of slimness, and valuing exercise.
In general, women tend to want to lose weight in the pursuit of an ideal slimness (e.
Video, Bluetooth, e-mail, music, and more--and we're talking some Diet Coke-sized slimness here.
Despite the chassis' slimness, the seat feels very high, as if it's been jacked up as they do on race bikes for a fast turn in.
Despite the chassis slimness, the seat feels very high, as if it's been jacked up as they do on race bikes for a fast turn in.
But the slimness of that majority will make it harder for the new government to push through the fiscal, labor market and regulatory reforms that Italy badly needs to revive its flagging economy and provide for its aging population.
The slimness of this novel belies the deeply moving and complex content of the narrative.
There is evidence that jobs often go to the more attractive candidate, and attractiveness is closely related to slimness in our society.
Pictures of skinny models with cigarettes in their hands dominate the papers, prompting young women to associate smoking with slimness and beauty.
IBM ThinkPad X30: If battery life is your passion, but weight and slimness still count, then the X30 may be just what you're looking for.
The latest reverberation of these motifs, State of Siege, combines them with Goytisolo's more recent thematic interest in the Arab world and is a well-crafted, dexterous novel whose slimness belies its reach.
More recent studies have shown that leptin does not serve as the body's tool for maintaining slimness, but rather prevents the body from becoming too thin.
Its slimness says much about the state of the jurisprudence and the work that still needs to be done; it suggests the need for pro-active litigation and more scholarship.
Designed for slimness, comfort and style, the units can be manually fixed around Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm m500 series and Handspring PDAs.