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pink slime

A slang term for low-quality beef trimmings that are used as a filler in some meat products. Our organization believes that pink slime should no longer be used in any meat preparation in this country.
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slime ball

One whose behavior offends or repulses others. I can't believe how poorly he treated that waitress. What a slime ball!
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1. n. a worthless person; a low and wretched person. What a slime that guy is!
2. n. degrading matters; corrupt people or situations. I don’t want to be involved in slime like that.

slime bag

and slime bucket and slimebag and slimeball
n. a despicable person, usually a male. (see also slime.) Gee, a slime bag like that in the same room with me! Yuck!
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slime bucket

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Black closed the evening by sliming Williams, a process involving dousing someone in green water.
Guests at the Nick Hotel in Orlando celebrate the hotel's 100,000th SLIMING during the SUMMER OF SLIME celebration.
Not only did glorious slime showers drench gleeful kids and celebs throughout the show, for the first time three interactive celebrity slime stunts, hosted by Laila Ali and featuring Akon, Usher and Heidi Klum, wowed the crowd and led to the longest slime time in history -- and the climactic superstar sliming of Orlando Bloom and host Black.
The laughingstock of some 670 first- through sixth-graders, Heath suffered a sliming as the loser of the schoolwide Tri-R-athon fund-raiser.
EST the school will receive a $20,000 check to be used exclusively for the school library, a school-wide Pizza Hut pizza party and a special recognition event featuring the Nickelodeon Game Lab complete with a sliming of Holly Springs Elementary principal, Donna Harden.
Newly added virtual sliming pods will allow for up to five kids to be slimed at once, and to digitally capture the moment as they receive Nickelodeon's highest honor.
First-Ever Interactive Sliming Puts Gushing Mode in Kids' Hands, When Viewers Vote in Real-Time on How Secret Star Slimee Will Get the Goo
From You Can't Do That on Television to the first celebrity sliming at the 1988 Kids' Choice Awards, neon-green slime and Nickelodeon have been synonymous.