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pink slime

A slang term for low-quality beef trimmings that are used as a filler in some meat products. Our organization believes that pink slime should no longer be used in any meat preparation in this country.
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slime ball

One whose behavior offends or repulses others. I can't believe how poorly he treated that waitress. What a slime ball!
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1. n. a worthless person; a low and wretched person. What a slime that guy is!
2. n. degrading matters; corrupt people or situations. I don’t want to be involved in slime like that.

slime bag

and slime bucket and slimebag and slimeball
n. a despicable person, usually a male. (see also slime.) Gee, a slime bag like that in the same room with me! Yuck!
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slime bucket

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Slime Edition interactive stage show; a virtual sliming zone; Nickelodeon; product giveaways; and of course, the opportunity for kids to get slimed.
Newly added virtual sliming pods will allow for up to five kids to be slimed at once, and to digitally capture the moment as they receive Nickelodeon's highest honor.
If you're a kid who loves the programming on Nickelodeon and wants the opportunity to be slimed, then make sure to visit the Museum of Television & Radio at 1:30 p.
We are so excited to win this contest and I'm even thrilled to be slimed," said Donna Harden, Principal, Holly Springs Elementary.
Slime Edition interactive stage show, a user generated content station where kids can create content to submit to Nickelodeon for possible air on me:tv, the network's new interactive day part, an audition area, music-themed activities such as Nickelodeon karaoke, Nickelodeon costume character appearances, product giveaways, and of course, the opportunity for kids to get slimed.
He woke up quietly and then he slimed everyone and ran outside.
Instead, he got to watch brother Scot, 13, slide into a mushy ``sundae'' and pal Taylor Tolleson, 11, also of Palmdale, not only get slimed with green gunk, but become the lucky victim of a pie in the face.
As if that isn't enough, Dees will personally tar and feather the tax man after he's been dunked and slimed.