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pink slime

A slang term for low-quality beef trimmings that are used as a filler in some meat products. Our organization believes that pink slime should no longer be used in any meat preparation in this country.
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slime ball

One whose behavior offends or repulses others. I can't believe how poorly he treated that waitress. What a slime ball!
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1. n. a worthless person; a low and wretched person. What a slime that guy is!
2. n. degrading matters; corrupt people or situations. I don’t want to be involved in slime like that.

slime bag

and slime bucket and slimebag and slimeball
n. a despicable person, usually a male. (see also slime.) Gee, a slime bag like that in the same room with me! Yuck!
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slime bucket

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Until recently, Fissore's snails were destined for consumption, but she is now starting to sell them for slime extraction.
To make slime, pour one cup of warm water into a plastic cup.
Sultan Al Suwaidi, head of the public safety section at the public health and safety department of Dubai Municipality, noted that there is a lack of serious supervision on the part of some parents when their kids play with slime toys.
The Air Force had quite a formidable bunch of anglers, and we plied the local league at our club (Salisbury & District) and of course the Tiger Tournament and a few other local events, but they seemed to manage to win or do very well on a fairly regular basis, due to a couple of really good methods and secrets with the bream species, one of which was slime fishing for Macrochir (O.
Slime, a complex, varied and dynamic organism which begins to colonise surfaces as soon as they enter the water, has been proven to have an adverse effect on the efficiency of all vessel types.
This article describes KUC's slimes process improvements, in particular wet chlorination for gold leaching.
When perturbed, it produces copious amounts of thick slime made of mucus reinforced with long threads of proteins called intermediate filaments (IF); these proteins are also found in the cytoskeleton of all cells.
Now, growing numbers of scientists are hard at work developing computer programs that replicate the way slime mold "thinks.
A hungry slime mold wants that oat flake at the center of the maze.
New tire maintenance products of the famed brands Slime and ABRO have been added to the E-commerce portal.
Condensation from air conditioning coils contains bacteria that can form slime and clog the condensate pan drain tube.
He revealed that 70 percent of all ground beef purchased in stores contains what he has dubbed "pink slime," fatty beef trimmings that are liquefied before the protein is extracted and treated with ammonia to make it safe for human consumption.
WORCESTER - Worcester school officials are just saying no to pink slime.
Atari, one of the world's most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, is once again answering the call for gamers everywhere by delivering the first ever Ghostbusters digital title, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime .
Whilst Steve Cole was here he launched his Slime series, which includes such titles as The Slime Squad vs The Toxic Teeth and The Slime Squad vs The Cyber Poos.