slide out of

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slide something out of something

 and slide something out
to cause something to slip or glide out of something without much effort. The hunter slid his knife out of its sheath and got ready to skin the deer. He slid out the heavy box.
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slide out of something

to slip or glide out of something without much effort. Mary slid out of the car and ran to the front door. The CD-ROM slid out of the computer.
See also: of, out, slide
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A spacious kitchen slide out sits opposite a deep-slide dinette and couch, with plenty of camper storage overhead.
The two slide outs in the RV provide ample room for entertaining family and friends around a kitchen island with a full-sized residential sink.
A double bedroom slide out is standard on the 35R with a queen-sized bed and includes nightstands and a wardrobe.
Both floor plans offer dual slide outs with the 37U model offering a bedroom and a flush floor sofa/dinette layout and the 38D model a bedroom and galley/sofa slide.
Fleetwood's wide body construction offers a generous 96" interior width allowing a wide roomy interior living space without the cost and complexity of slide out units.
CanaryFlow Teacher and CanaryFlow Student, the accompanying native iOS apps, have also been updated to include inline swiping gestures, slide outs to view submission status and an aggregate view of all course curriculum.
In addition, each donor room is equipped with a flat screen TV, and a camera that feeds into a monitor at the nurse's station, located in one of three slide outs this vehicle is equipped with.
The Allstar fleet consists of luxury class A diesel coaches ranging from 40'-45' with options of double, triple or quad slide outs which make these vehicles high end apartments on wheels.
Some of this fifth wheel's available features include flush floor slide outs, hardwood cabinet doors and drawer fronts, wood edge color coordinated counter tops, day/night shades, E-Z lube hub axles, adjustable spring hangers, radius compartment doors, exterior flood light, fold away grab handle at the entrance door, a bookshelf stereo system and a convenience package that includes a rechargeable flashlight, rechargeable hand held wet/dry vacuum, water purifier, door bell, paper towel holder, clothes hamper and a Thermos(TM) portable gas grill.
The new 6000LX will be available with an unprecedented four slide outs that create a dramatically large living area.