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But, should the machine ever tip sideways, we would all slide off and fall to the ground.
A linchpin had fallen out, and permitted one of the wheels to slide off.
Failures slide off them like July rain off a duck's back feathers.
As far as cleaning the gun, I took a pair of channel locks, rubberized the jaws and now have no problem holding the barrel to pull the slide off the frame.
The pop star and party girl posted a video clip of her hilarious slide off an inflatable swan pool toy online.
The speed skater (right) was ready to slide off from Sochi after disqualifications in the 500m and 1500m events, followed by threatening abuse received on her now-suspended Twitter account.
If you have a jabbing putting stroke the coin will slide off of the putter, generally during your down swing, telling you that you need to work on the tempo of your putting stroke and make more of a pendulum stroke.
And now customers can literally slide off that cliff edge from a height of 109 metres.
And then another great idea suddenly struck me--the easy way to unload all that heavy sod would be to back up quickly, slam on the brakes and have the pallet simply slide off the back of the truck.
THRILL-seekers are being challenged to take part in a charity abseil and zip slide off the top of the Fort Dunlop building in Erdington.
Oregon State Police officials said snow at Badger Mountain near Noti was causing multiple vehicles to slide off the road.
Too much calcium stearate and sheets could slide off of pallets and end up in the scrap pile.
The phrase doesn't exactly slide off your tongue, but President Bush made it a big part of his State of the Union address, in which he advocated the development of biofuels from sources such as wood chips, stalks, or switchgrass to help address the United States' "addiction to oil" (his words).
When the crane pulled away from the tower, it pulled the strap and caused the stone to slide off.
Unlike standard transfer boards that can slide off the bed or wheelchair during transfer, it remains attached to the wheelchair.