slide into

slide something into something

 and slide something in
to insert something into something effortlessly. Henry slid the end of the seat-belt buckle into its holder and started the car. slide in the buckle and make sure it's tight.
See also: slide

slide into something

to slip or glide into something, as a car going into a ditch. It was raining hard, and car after car slid into the ditch at the sharp turn near Wagner Road. Mary's car slid right into the side of a bus.
See also: slide
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When it comes to our national pastime, getting home "safe" with a slide into the plate is not always so safe, Dr.
Slip 'N Slide[R] has evolved from a simple single rider slide into double and triple rider slides in incredible 3D proportions with new water effects.
The ScanScope technology is several times faster and more efficient than conventional image tiling methods, which makes it practical -- for the first time -- to convert all information available on a microscope slide into a standard digital format.